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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dannii Minogue Looked Fantabulous!

Dannii Minogue looked sensational at the National Television Awards! Do I need to say more than I want me that dress......

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tattoo Jewellery

Since last weeks article in the Metro I have been in two minds about the new Chanel tattoo transfers. Yes they are exquisite to look at and a breath of fresh air in terms of a new accessories trend. But i cant get my head around it being a transfer, the last time I wore a transfer it was of Barbie, I was eight with teeth to big for my head and i also had a matching barbie plaster on my finger and a sweetie necklace on! (high fashion I was not!)

I know I am going to have to get past this vision of my eight year old self by March when they come to a Chanel concession near you...... After all they were all over the catwalks for spring summer and so far Chanel's are the most appealing, Rodarte's tribal offering are a bit too body paint and the Gaultier arm labelling was perhaps 10 steps out of the comfort zone! Vogue mentioned Jmaskrey.com for alternative jewellery transfers which featured in British Vogue and Italian Vogue last year.

The delicate ephemeral tattoos from Chanel

J.Maskery's more retro transfers

I am not entirely convinced on the transfers. There is no denying the Chanel ones are beautiful but I like to be able to keep my accessories for more than one use, especially after the severe tummy ache that the candy necklace gave me!

Friday, 8 January 2010

No Pain No Gain

Ok so first I have to keep you up to date with my challenge to be teenier in the teenies! Not that I am one to think that your dress size matters, I personally think it has more to do with the cut and fit of a garment rather than the size... but a new years resolution I made and a pair of citizens of humanity jeans in my wardrobe are desperate to be worn when the appropriate shrinkage has taken place!

So here is where I am at:
Most embarrassing moment of the year so far happened whilst on teenie campaign at gym with rather attractive soho gym trainer, performing my second set of squat thrusts and no joke my stomach actually fell out of my trousers! Never thought my stomach was big enough to fall out of trousers but then again I have never done squat thrusts before. So since said incident I have done so many sit-ups that I am now in so much pain that it hurts to cough or sneeze and after yesterdays sneezing fit I am not risking it and am currently perfume and scented moisturiser free!!!!!

The question i keep asking myself.... Is it worth it? I think yes so am looking to invest in better gym kit to prevent such embarrassment occurring again.
I am a massive fan of Sweaty Betty, the materials are soft and they don't loose there colour with lots of washing..

Love the shape of this athlete vest £25, as it follows the line of my sports bra and it comes in a rainbow of colours
These winner capri pants £35 are great for disguising a tummy as they sit higher and have a fab panel waist band

This Tracksuit is fab for more leisurely exercise like Pilate's, yoga or a jog as its warmer but also really flattering. The neck line is nice and open and the zip can help elongate the body and the trousers with the kick out at the bottom flatter curves and lengthen legs! I also love the fact it is not a generic black.Sanctuary Jacket £50.00
Athlete Gym Pant £69.00

Monday, 4 January 2010

How to style away your Christmas Paunch

If you have over indulged over christmas like i have then you will be finding that jeans are a little bit snugger, tops feel a little bit shorter and your face feels a little bit plumper...

Well i have a plan to disguise these side affects until the workout, detox and diet really start to take affect!

First stop for me is always fashion.. so my jeans are feeling snug and for fear of exposing even the slightest muffin top i am embracing chunky knits and layering..

The fitted t-shirt and the tight fit jeans elongate the limbs and give the appearance of slim underneath while the chunky knit cardigan looks fabulously comfy and stylish but disguises my tummy. (T-shirt H&M. Jeans Lowfly, Cardigan Reiss)

As my new jumper dresses are looking a little bit lumpy and bumpy i am embracing volume and higher waists as opposed to my usual fitted and tailored options. (dress from topshop boutique, belt Reiss, T-shirt H&M, boots Dune)

As for the face i have 2 trusty tricks
The first is red lips and the brighter the better. I find that when you have bright red lips that is all people seem to notice so it draws attention away from the bags under your eyes and your fuller cheeks. I also find that when I am wearing uber red lips i pout a little bit more which accentuates my cheekbones and exagerates my jaw line, my favourite lip colour is russian red by mac.

My second trick is hair... volume volume volume, get creative with your backcombing and your hairspray and create messy buns, plaits and ponytails as this draws people focus and diguises limp lack lustre hair!

I would love to hear if anyone else has any fab post christmas indulgence tips!


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