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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tattoo Jewellery

Since last weeks article in the Metro I have been in two minds about the new Chanel tattoo transfers. Yes they are exquisite to look at and a breath of fresh air in terms of a new accessories trend. But i cant get my head around it being a transfer, the last time I wore a transfer it was of Barbie, I was eight with teeth to big for my head and i also had a matching barbie plaster on my finger and a sweetie necklace on! (high fashion I was not!)

I know I am going to have to get past this vision of my eight year old self by March when they come to a Chanel concession near you...... After all they were all over the catwalks for spring summer and so far Chanel's are the most appealing, Rodarte's tribal offering are a bit too body paint and the Gaultier arm labelling was perhaps 10 steps out of the comfort zone! Vogue mentioned Jmaskrey.com for alternative jewellery transfers which featured in British Vogue and Italian Vogue last year.

The delicate ephemeral tattoos from Chanel

J.Maskery's more retro transfers

I am not entirely convinced on the transfers. There is no denying the Chanel ones are beautiful but I like to be able to keep my accessories for more than one use, especially after the severe tummy ache that the candy necklace gave me!


  1. Ha ha! Yes I'll pass but I do have a wedding to go to in August so maybe for that - just to be a diva!

    PS I want the amanda lear haircut on my blog!

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  3. Tattoos are great, but these ones are kind of different. By the way my oldest brother who likes to Buy Kamagra has a big one in his back.


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