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Friday, 24 December 2010

Capsule Christmas Wardrobe

OK it is time for me to pack up my presents and decamp to my Parents for the Christmas weekend.  But looking into my wardrobe I found that nothing was inspiring me for the festive frolics.  So I popped on my coat, hat and gloves and ventured across Waterloo bridge and into Covent Garden for some Christmas wardrobe shopping!

My first and actually my only stop was Oasis, I have not been in there for a while but needing some new jeggings I was inspired to take a look despite its shocking layout since its refurb!  Low and behold I managed to get everything a girl could need for the festive weekend!  So here is my Capsule Christmas Wardrobe 75% of which is made up of the Oasis purchases.

This everything ready for packing except shoes!  I have kept everything in the same colour pallet which makes mixing and matching a little bit easier.  I usually really mix up the colours and the accessories but these outfits are really versatile so I stuck with quite a dark selection that can be jazzed up easily.
Outfit 1:  The party outfit
This dress is a great party look and takes little to no thinking about, the embellishment on the neckline means that accessories can be kept top a minimum and the make-up and hair can be your wow factor!

I have packed these purple tights (but you could opt for red), Silver heels from Reiss, Coast earrings and a silver cocktail ring.

 Outfit 2: Christmas Day
I always want to look glam on Christmas day but I also want something that I can move around in and that looks good start to finish.  Traditionally I have opted for a dress but this year I am going for black jeggings and Print shirt from Oasis, waistcoat from Ted Baker and the shoes in the above look (I will swap them for knee highs if we venture out)
To accessorise I am wearing my Lucy Hutching earrings and my Dorothy Perkins ring and my make-up will be plum and metallic based!  You could swap the jeggings for leather trousers if you have the legs!

 Outfit 3: Boxing Day Drinks
I will be using the Jeggings from look 2 and teaming them with this floaty top from Oasis but it could be put with leather trousers or a pencil if you have room for an extra item!  I opted for this as it will probably cover the over eating of Christmas day!
 I am wearing these fab gold and black earrings and my black cocktail ring for this look.  I will also opt for red lips and a hair up for this outfit to make it a little more glam.
I will also be taking my knee high boots to wear with outfit 3, but they work with all of the outfit choices.

I will be taking my 2 Christmas nail varnishes just in case I get a chip...  I start with the lighter and then pop on the darker colour for the last few days!

Outfit 4: Spare
For casual I am taking this fab M&S jumper dress and some black leggings just in case there are any spillages!

So know that I am packed it is time to head back to snowy Essex and pop open some champers!


Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Party

As promised if not a little late.. some pics of the stylists on the Christmas Party!

Fellow blogger and colleague MakeDoStyle got ready at casa Waceystyle as she was due a pre Christmas hair cut. So we have some fab before pics of MDS and I then a great one of the NHJ Style team at Adam Street after one too many glasses of Vino.

This pic is post hair cut and pre party, MDS is modelling the latest in hair accessories and control underwear which in this case are being used to keep up a pair of Topshop leather trousers!

This is post underwear pre final hair!

Me pre shower, hair, make-up and control undies!!!!!
MDS the final hairstyle.....
MDS in her cameo role as Mary of Nazareth about to get on her donkey (also known as her cab) to the CChristmas party.

 A lovely selection of pics from the entire NHJ gang looking very glam.  Annoyingly I forgot to get a full pic of my outfit but it was a dress from Joseph and some uber high heels from Carvella!

I also had my annual Christmas party with the boyf and seeing as there is no full pic of my NHJ party outfit here is my outfit from my other Christmas party.  I opted for my Topshop dress, purple tights and my uber high carvella heels.
I then popped on these fab earrings from Coast that I got for £9 bargain!!

After seeing this pic of my sister and I, I decided to remove the Carvella shoes for fear that I looked like a giant!

For more festive blogs check out my Capsule Christmas wardrobe tomorrow!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Deck the Halls

On Friday night the boyfriend and I popped open a bottle of Champagne,  put on some Christmas tunes and began to decorate the house.  Being a stylist I am obsessed with making things look just so, but this year I let the Boyfriend take on more responsibility than just pouring drinks and the finished house is a dream!!

In fact the decorated tree was the only thing that managed to get me out of bed on Sunday morning...  Yes the hangover from hell hit me hard but with the promise of a bacon sandwich and the pretty Christmas tree lights being switched on I dragged myself from the bed to the sofa, where I stayed for almost the entire day commenting on how beautiful my tree looked!

So here are some pics of my festive abode:

This Garland was made by my Mum and I think it is a great welcome home on a cold Christmas eve, it also sets the tone for the colour scheme in the hall.
The Hall garland was assembled by the boyfriend, with a very few minor tweaks from me at the end.  We carried the red and cinnamon theme from the door garland and introduced gold that we then continue in the Lounge (just realised I sound like a mad women who has themes.. and yes I am!) Anyway I think the boy done good!

The sideboard in the dinning room with the red and gold theme is less exciting and I am thinking of adding something to perk it up a little.

Then my lovely tree, decorated in different golds, with splashed of purple and pink to make it more fun!  I love my tree and every year I get just excited about unwrapping my favourite baubles that I have spent a fortune on over the last 6 years!  It is also a bit of a wopper and we had to re arrange the entire lounge to fit it in!

The boyfriend decided to create a icicle doorway with all the decorations that I deemed unfit for the tree or stairs..  I am not massively keen on this but I knew he expected me to tell him to take it down and as I was a few glasses of champagne in at this point I decided it could stay!
Then we have the door of lights in the kitchen, which actually look quite boring in day light but by night the stars glow and when we have our Christmas party they look cool with our glowing cocktail fountain!!  So kitsch but I love it..

I hope you are all feeling equally festive, if your not then check out my Christmas party looks blog later this week as it might get you in the Christmas spirit. x

Friday, 10 December 2010

I wanna be on the cover of Reveal magazine... Oh I am!

OK so it is not Forbes magazine but it is my 2nd cover of the year!  Yes Waceystyle is front cover and not at all sure if she is loving it yet!

My first dalliance onto a cover was earlier this year when I was on the cover of The Wharf, it was very weird seeing my pic next to Nicola Roberts from Girls aloud especially as we have the exact same colour hair.  I promised my self after seeing that picture to always wear lipstick when being photographed!  3 months on and I am on the cover of Reveal.... with red lips bouffant hair and as my sister described it... a face like a smacked you know what!!  So it is clear that I have still not quite got the hang of being photographed.  Its hard to see me but I am the girl in the purple dress bottom right.

I think it is safe to say that behind the camera is where I am really best placed, despite the copious series of BNTM and ANTM that I have watched over the years I have little to no modelling skills unless I have had a few glasses of wine and then my smize is actually quite good, but my smiling is well less sucessful.

This is the three page spread called 'Goks ultimate party makeovers'.  I would be really interested to know peoples thoughts on the looks and to know what peoples views are on my outfit.  As it is so far removed from the sort of thing I would usually go for that I can't quite decide if I like it or hate it.

The intention with the look was a Madmen inspired look, because of my red hair and curves, but I feel that the cut and fit of the dress make me look in my 30's rather than my 20's and about 2 sizes bigger than the size 12 that I am!

If I could style myself in any of the above outfits I think I would have opted for the last look which is a play suit from ASOS to which I would have put the statement earrings that I am wearing from Freedom and the Dorothy Perkin's ring as seen in the red jumpsuit look.

I don't want to sound like an ungrateful recipient of a makeover and want to thank Reveal for inviting me to model.  The day was great fun and I loved the first outfit that they put me in (which unfortunately did not make it to press).  I don't dislike the purple dress at all I just felt that the fit was not as flattering as it could be with a theme like Madmen.

I would love to know your thoughts!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Blogger seeks new computer!

Huge apologies its has been over a week since my last post, this is because my DELL laptop is playing up massively and it has taken everything in my being to prevent me from throwing it out the window and letting it freeze to death under a snowman.  The only reason I have refrained from doing this is because my card is currently being rejected in even Primark and that is really saying something!!

It is fair to say that the realities of being a freelancer and approaching Christmas is currently stinging more than just a little.  So if the big ass companies could shell out the money they have now owed me for 3 months I would be eternally grateful as having to re-boot your computer in between each email is getting more than just a little tiresome....  Not to mention the horrifying reality that a new shiny Mac 5 keeps creeping into my dreams more often than a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels, or a VB dress and if this is not proof that the relationship between me and my DELL is really at crisis point, I don't know what is!

Fear not though the very clever computer whizz also known as the boyfriend has given the Dell a temporary fix.  So I have apologised for threatening death by window/snow and have agreed to hold out until the new year when a shiny new I-Mac will take its place and the Dell will meet a much more satisfying end.... death by sledge hammer.  So bring on 2011 so I can welcome back these little beauties to my restful nights sleep!

Monday, 22 November 2010


We all need them once in a while and today I need one in a big way....

My weekend was filled with so much excitement and fun that it is difficult to need to rant but my Sunday was frustrating and clumsy and I hope that by venting my terrible day I will get rid of whatever malevolent cloud it was that seemed to follow me around yesterday!

Soooooo  here goes!

Firstly, my best buddy cancelled our day trip to Bluewater, this was no biggy but what it meant was that I ventured there alone!  I know what your thinking .. I spent money I did not have and now regret it..  WRONG!  It took me 20mins to get to the shopping Mecca and then 30 minutes trying to find a space!  Yes I said 30 minutes of driving in and out and up and down various car parks only to be greeted by other shoppers driving in aggressive manners stalking other shoppers who had bags back to their cars!  I felt I was above this option and instead drove in and out a total of 4 car parks before actually finding a spot!
I then ventured inside the shopping centre only to be run over 4 times by various buggy's and in fact fall over not once but twice in House of Fraser!  This however did not perterb me I went to H&M and did the shopping that I needed to do well about 1/3rd of the shopping I needed but hey!

I then venture home and begin to put some tester colours on our bedroom wall (we are thinking about re-decorating)  All of the colours are disgusting and it was a total waist of time so i decide to take the testers out to our shed!  But on route I drop them and my Uggs, Sweaty Betty trackys and my car wheel now resemble a Jackson Pollock painting.  Defeated I retreat to the comfort of my basement to snuggle up with a glass of vino and a hobnob to watch Strictly and X Factor results....

What a travesty that was, rather than cheering me up, my eyes and ears where offended by the reality that the big bird impersonator is going to be returning to my screens once again.  This means that next Saturday I will be glued to the TV with morbid curiosity, just so I can see what terrible outfit they come up with to top the BIG BIRD look of this week!

Then I switch to X Factor hoping that tonight will be the night that we finally see the back of Wagner and his talk singing and hideous style but instead Paije who I thought was a real cutey is out!  
Outraged and hormonal I ask could this day get any worse! 
Then like the answer to my prayers the aromas of cooked apple pie waft down the stairs from the oven.
Suddenly the Jackson Pollock uggs seem bang on trend, the fall in House of Fraser earlier feels like it could have popped my back in rather than out, the drive round the car parks gave my car good turn over!  I smile, I relax, I take the pie from the oven in an excited frenzy and..  it drops from my hands and lands upside down SPLATTERED all over the clean kitchen floor!

I hate full moons.  RANT OVER!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Fashion Sushi

Some of you may remember the maternity wear post I did a few weeks back.  If so you will remember me talking about the fab brand Isabella Oliver.  Well last night was the Isabella Oliver preview evening for the Spring Summer 365Collection, and despite the drizzly London Weather it was easy to feel instantly summery when viewing the collection.  Not just because the collection had some fab summer staples, but because the Isabella Oliver offices are light, bright and beautiful, any girl in her right mind would love to work for them with the fab clothes and gorgeous surroundings.

I thought the collection was like great sushi (which by the way we munched on while sipping champagne).  The reason I say that is because it's full of great basics and interchangeable fashion pieces!  So like sushi some garments work really well on their own..., like this fab one shoulder dress for example its so great why would you add anything to it?
Yet other pieces will work as a great capsule wardrobe from which you can create your California roll of choice!  Mix the cotton twill shorts with the perfect tank and add in the everyday biker jacket for an easy day look or swap out the tank for the gold sequin vest for a great summer evening glamour.

As soon as the collection goes live (which is next month), I will be spending this fab 30% off voucher on the black one shoulder dress and the gold sequin vest.  I suggest you all keep your eyes peeled as these are great summer staples that a girl should not have to live without!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Reveal Photoshoot

Check out the gorgeous Katie Piper, who I had the pleasure of working with again.  These are the pictures from the fab Reveal shoot that took place last week!  It is so refreshing to see Katie styled in a more young and fresh way, the styling has been kept very feminine but you can see that Katie has the potential to be very much on our fashion radar in the future.

I loved this next shot of Katie as it shows her with her hair straight which we don't often see and the styling is gorgeous, Katie kept this top from the shoot and was rocking it with a pair of skinny's and some killer heels as she left.
At the shoot Katie was saying how she loves to experiment with clothes and implied that there is a real rock chick hiding underneath the beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, that is why I love this shot of her so much.
Check out more of the pictures and the article in this weeks Reveal, as there is some fab fashion and a great interview with Katie.

The best garment from the shoot was TopShop and we used Aussie take the heat range on her hair.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Autumn Winter High street shoot.

A fab Autumn Winter photo shoot that I did about a month ago in a working men's club..  Get inspired for this Autumn Winter.

Photography by Silje Bryn Knutsen, styling by waceystyle, hair by Kazuhiro Takabatake, make-up by Louise Gough and the lovely model is from Cosmic models.

Wearing a Red hat Ted Baker, Shirt Zara, Shorts Topshop, Boots Dune

Wearing French connection leather jacket, Topshop trousers, accessorize head band

Wearing a French Connection Dress and Marks and Spencer's ankle boots.
Feather jacket, leather trousers Topshop, Mikey necklace worn as belt.

This is a gorgeous designer dress from TKMaxx and a Topshop necklace worn as a hair piece.

I would love to know what you think?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fireworks night - Can you take the heat?

Last friday was Guy Fawkes night and instead of standing out in the cold watching the fireworks with damp and frizzy hair, I was on a fab VIP experience watching them all over the London Skyline from the London eye!  Yes, Friday night saw the launch of a fab new hair care range from Aussie.  The new products are called Take the Heat and help protect our luscious locks from heat damage like hair dryers, straighteners, tongs and even central heating!

It was a great day for the launch and, having been sent the products a few weeks in advance, all the aussie angels turned up with gorgeous locks despite the weather.  In the pods we drank champagne and nibbled on canapes, whilst watching London's skyline fill with fab firework displays.  It was oh so glam and was followed by a stretch hummer limo ride across the river to Jewel bar, where a glamourous fire dancer was performing; more cocktails and champers awaited us.

My sister was my plus 1 and also waceystyle official photographer and here are the amazing pics that she took of the evening, I think you will all agree she is one amazing photographer...

The 1st pod of Aussie Angels

With Zoe of Londonlipgloss...

Here are some of the gorgeous shots big sis took on our trip!  I am going to put some of them on my wall because they are so beautiful!

Here is a little pic of big sis and I with our gorgeously Aussie Take the Heat styled hair!  The stuff really works ladies.  Not only does it smell gorgeous and feel silky it is a great styling product.  Next week I will have pics of some styles I created at a photoshoot today using the products!


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