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Monday, 28 June 2010

My OH so stylish friends...

Having a little spare time on my hands this morning, meant time to catch up on facebook photo stalking!  Come on we all do it!  Mine wasn't really stalking as the pics in question were of my oh so stylish friend Vicky.
I spotted a picture of her at Ascot and she looked fabulous, which she always does.  Sometimes I think she should work as a stylist or fashionista too as her wardrobe bulges with covetable high street buys that only Vicky with her dedication to always looking good could find!  She surfs the net, the catalogues and the shops and always looks fab so I thought I would share some of my favourite pics of her and over the next few months my other stylish friends with all of you.

This is the picture that gave me the idea for the post...  I think Vicky looks chic and i have already told her that i want to borrow the dress!

This is Vicky with me and my best friend Katy, another very chic lady..  The reason we look so shiny is because we were at Floridita for my big sis's 30th birthday, dancing salsa and the air con was not working!  I love the vibrancy of the belt with this dress and the shape is really flattering for her figure!
Everyone loves a maxi and Vicky has quite a few.  This is a pic stolen from a facebook stalking moment of Vicky on a day in the park with her friends kiddy's and still managed to look chic in the heat!
The most memorable fashion moment I have of Vicky is of her on her wedding day.  She looked stunning, the dress hugged her figure and the little touches like the Christian Laboutin shoes and the red lips made her look every inch the sexy bride!  Her wedding also featured on the wedding blog site rock my wedding so you can see just how stylish this lady really is!
I am sure you will all agree that this lady is uber chic and well worthy of being named my Oh so stylish friend!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

busy bee....

I am a terrible blogger once again!  Sorry for being off radar but last week turned into one of those weeks where your feet don't hit the ground.  I was Personal Styling Monday, Hairdressing Tuesday, Fashion Styling Wednesday, Returns and back to back meetings Thursday and then assisting NHJ Style team with a you Tube shoot on Friday.  I was officially a busy bee and my spare room where I keep all of my styling stuff looked like a bomb had hit it... and still does!

But it was all worth while as last week I got to work with a fabulous bunch of creative's... Below is the gorgeous model Sherene and Eugene Davis the hair guru that turned wigs into beautiful hair styles.

Alison Cameron working the magic with her make-up.

The photographer on the shoot was Jayesh Pankhania who was fab and really quick to get the shot.  As soon as official picks come through I will post them.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Don't let rain ruin your Big Day!

I have recently been asked to write an article on Bridal style and my top tips, which I will post later this month.  But after getting caught in the torrential rain today, I was thinking of beautiful ways round the rain on your wedding day.

The best looks I think are the Pagoda Style $20 + postage from Bella Umbrella they come in every colour under the sun, so you can make sure they fit with your scheme and they photograph beautifully!  They also have stunning Parasols just for sun protection.

Umbrella Heaven also have some great options.  My favourite is the heart shaped umbrella, perfect for photo opportunity's it is £19.75
If you are happy to spend a lot on an umbrella this one hits the frothy bridal chic option, it is the cancan parasol from Brollies Galore and is £110.

I don't have a clue where the umbrella below is from but i think it is fab and had to include it!
If you are getting married this month and are worried about rain... I hope you find your perfect umbrella and I hope that you don't have to use it!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Over exposure..

No I am not talking Brittney Spears or Jennifer Aniston!  I am talking camera!
I love an over exposed picture.. It seems more dreamy and gives the image a more grainy aged look!
These were taken on Hampstead Heath with my blackberry (hence the over exposure) but I think they are beautiful!

Clothes are by H&M, Gap and Oxfam and he necklace is ... yes you guessed it Lucy Hutchings.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Project Bafta.

Yesterday was officially named project Bafta at Waceystyle headquarters!  As I was lucky enough to be one of three fab ladies fron the NHJ Style Team assisting the inspirational Katie Piper, get ready for her red carpet moment at the Bafta's.

I was in charge of Katie's hair, not a hard job as she has fab full bodied blonde hair, my colleague Isobel Kershaw was styling her outfit for the event and the lovely Tara Mears was make-up guru!  Isobel put Katie in a great floor length black gown by Jasper Garvida of Project Catwalk fame and teamed it with a yellow Ted Baker clutch and gold Topshop gladiator killer heels.  Tara created a smokey eye with great Estee Lauder products and Shu Uemura lashes and then a lush glossy lips.  To complete the look I roller set Katie's hair and then pulled it all to one side to create a relaxed sweeping up-do!  She looked sensational!

Katie was attending the awards as the channel 4 Documentary about her, Katie: My Beautiful Face was up for an award.  In the documentary Katie talks about the vicious acid attack that changed her face and her life forever and the gruelling recovery process that she is still going through to this day.

The documentary did not win, but Katie looked fab and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her and learn more about her fantastic charity The Katie Piper Foundation.  I hope to work with her again very soon.  I will of course keep all of you up to date with Katie and her charity... and will let you know when her new documentary comes out!
Katie looked sensational as you can see from my pictures below, she is also an absolute giggle and a natural in front of the camera. 

One with her rollers in and with the fab smouldering eyes (going to get me some Estee Lauder eye make-up)
With the fab camera lady Claire filming us taking pictures of Katy.  Claire and her colleague Zara were off to stake out on the red carpet to get film of Katy and the documentary team walking the red carpet!

Isobel tucking in the dress hoops and casting a professional eye over the finished look.
Tara the magic make-up lady who every girl wishes was her flat mate!
Me with Katie before she hopped into her car for a fab night!
A little close up of her hair!

Friday, 4 June 2010


I am loving Turbans, If your having a bad hair day instead of fighting with your crazy mane you can just pop on a fab turban and some sunglasses and you look oh so chic!

Yesterday I did a shoot and to save re-styling Brooke's hair and adding more product I popped this H&M scarf on her head and the finished look was great!

Brooke looked fab in everything I put her in.  I said she could wear it during her lunch break and she was sat in Mc Donalds eating chips with a turban on her head looking oh so chic (gutted i had forgotten my camera)

I also thought I would put up a couple of my sneaky shots from the shoot of Brooke and Toby:

The above is my favourite, they both look fantastic.

I think you will agree that these guys are fab young models with a great future ahead of them.  I will post the official photo's in about 2 weeks so check back to see the rest of the images from the shoot.


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