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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Loving Mango...

No, I am not talking fruit, I am  referring  to the High street store and its current Autumn Winter collection.  It has some real gems this season from minimal to 70's chic. 
For me the real stand out piece is this fab dress, being modelled by Scarlett Johansson.  The dress is £54.90 and is perfect for the ladylike, Madmen trend that is making us curvy girls sigh with relief and embrace our curves.

It is also has a real Prada and Louis Vuitton vibe, what more could a girl ask for ... Oh I know!  Its presence in my wardrobe.
This is the Prada version if you have the bank balance...
and my personal favourite, the Louis Vuitton (sigh)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Party Night

If you remember, at the beginning of this year, I had a fabulous Summer Fantasy where I wore a Chloe dress, Mui Mui shoes and Wendy Brandes earrings, whilst drinking Lychee Martini's!  Well for my birthday party I had planned to recreate this fantasy!  I tried to get the Miu Miu's, but they sold out in seconds, the chloe dress was not available in my size and Wendy Brandes earings were all the way over in America and probably sold out due to the Sex and The City 2!!!!!  Booo.  BUT, I did have Lychee Martini's, which were gorgeous and, to make them even more special, or should I say chav, I had them coming out of my very own cocktail fountain!
Here are some pics of my Oh so stylish friends and my Oh so chav party!

The Essex girls...

The none Essex girls... yes they are my civilised oh so stylish friends!

Then the moment I opened the shiny NET A PORTER box... the music stopped, my eyes lit up and I became short of breath and that was only looking at the box and ribbon!!!!  Actually finding a lush Marc Jacobs ring inside made me turn the colour of beetroot and squeal (lucky for me that bit was not caught on camera)
Favourite fashion moments of the evening are....
'Mrs G' Tatty Divine necklace worn by Mrs G
and delicious floral skirt worn by Flic (the lady who introduced me to the delights of Tatty divine back in uni).
Matchy Matchy Perfect Princess's also need a mention..  Lilly and Bonnie looked adorable in matching outfits and kept everyone entertained with dance shows!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I Love being ahead of the curve!

My new shiny copy of Grazia was waiting for me on my door mat when I arrived home from work this evening.  Whilst flicking through the glossy pages I felt a big swell of pride as I looked at the Fashion Charts and found the gorgeous necklace I had styled my sister in, for my birthday dinner, at their no 8 position.  Ok it wasn't at no1, but it was in their charts none the less!

I was planning on discussing my birthday weekend with you all anyway, as there were some fab outfits and gift that I know you would love to hear about.  So my first instalment is Friday night, which was birthday dinner night.  The family, Waceystyle and the boyfriend descended on Le Caprice restaurant looking stylish and feeling hungry.  I wore a fab oyster coloured LK Bennett dress, Lucy Hutching earrings, Office shoes and a Jaeger clutch.  Mumma bear wore a lush black dress and gold chain necklace from Jaeger with some patent shoes from LK Bennett.  Big Sis wore a great Ted Baker dress, Dune shoes and the (no 8 position) bug necklace.  Daddy bear was head to toe in Coes of Essex and the boyf was in Nigel Hall floral shirt, Paul Smith jeans and a Massimo Dutti linen jacket.

My favourite outfit of the night was my sister's as she looked hot!  The dress really flattered her shape with the capped sleeve balancing out her bottom, and the bug necklace gave the outfit that extra POW!

The necklace is Freedom at Topshop and is £25 (Grazia got the price wrong).  I hope you agree with me and Grazia that it is rather special! 

The dinner was yummy but, if I am honest, I would not return to the restaurant, as I felt rushed by the waiters.  I hate it when restaurants turn tables, but i hate it even more when they make you aware that they are doing so!  We were rushed to the table, only offered an aperitif as an after though, some of the plates were removed from the table before we had all finished eating and we were given our coffee at the same time as our deserts!  It is a real shame as the food was really tasty, but when you experience service like that it puts a real dampener on the place.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Office Brogues Baby

With the weather so terrible today, I can't help but wish that I had already started buying my Autumn Winter wardrobe.  I know we are in August and it is a terrible thing to say but seriously if the weather wont play summer then neither will I!

First thing on my list and the item I really need right now is a new shoe to protect me from the rain that will work with a rolled up straight leg jean and these Office Brogues are just the ticket, not to mention the colour!

They are £62 and will go with skirts or trousers as well as every item in my dream A/W wardrobe.

Yay to the fact it is my birthday next week, fingers crossed I get gifted money to purchase the little lovelies!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Jelly Belly's!

I have just returned from the beautiful island of Crete where the boyf and I had the most relaxing holiday ever.  My tan is pretty good considering I usually have skin whiter than milk, it maybe because all my freckles have joined together giving the impression of a tan, but i don't care.  A tan is a tan!

Wherever I am my critical stylists eye remains in switched on mode and there were some very stylish ladies staying at our resort and I had lot's of fashion crush moments but the one I was most envious of was this fab cut out swimsuit.

There were also some really bad fashion moments and the most unforgivable was the short short.  I am a massive fan of the short short and if you have the figure of Cameron Diaz or Cheryl Cole then great you will look fab in them with or without heals.  But when you have a large tummy why why why would you wear them?  Why would you buy low waisted denim hot pants and position your tummy over the top of the fastening?  By the end of the holiday I had seen so many muffin tops and sore thighs that i felt that short short should come with a warning!  If you are not a stick, have a flat tummy or toned thighs then DO NOT WEAR!!!!!

 When short shorts go bad!
I am sorry if Isound like I am ranting, but it upsets me when people don't think about their figures before buying into a trend.  If you have a big tummy but great legs opt for a high waisted short.  If your tummy is good but you have heavier thighs opt for a longer length short or a skirt as it will be soooooooo much more flattering!

After this mini rant I think I should head to the gym to keep my post holiday muffin top at bay!


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