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Monday, 2 August 2010

Jelly Belly's!

I have just returned from the beautiful island of Crete where the boyf and I had the most relaxing holiday ever.  My tan is pretty good considering I usually have skin whiter than milk, it maybe because all my freckles have joined together giving the impression of a tan, but i don't care.  A tan is a tan!

Wherever I am my critical stylists eye remains in switched on mode and there were some very stylish ladies staying at our resort and I had lot's of fashion crush moments but the one I was most envious of was this fab cut out swimsuit.

There were also some really bad fashion moments and the most unforgivable was the short short.  I am a massive fan of the short short and if you have the figure of Cameron Diaz or Cheryl Cole then great you will look fab in them with or without heals.  But when you have a large tummy why why why would you wear them?  Why would you buy low waisted denim hot pants and position your tummy over the top of the fastening?  By the end of the holiday I had seen so many muffin tops and sore thighs that i felt that short short should come with a warning!  If you are not a stick, have a flat tummy or toned thighs then DO NOT WEAR!!!!!

 When short shorts go bad!
I am sorry if Isound like I am ranting, but it upsets me when people don't think about their figures before buying into a trend.  If you have a big tummy but great legs opt for a high waisted short.  If your tummy is good but you have heavier thighs opt for a longer length short or a skirt as it will be soooooooo much more flattering!

After this mini rant I think I should head to the gym to keep my post holiday muffin top at bay!


  1. Ok the fat belly photos and muffin top shots are hideous!

  2. LOL those photos are crazy but then again (sadly I might add) that this can be a common sight on Blackpool promenade during the summer season. Perhaps both you and Make Do Style should do a 'banish the muffin top' event in Blackpool and help us get rid of this fashion disaster!

  3. I agree not so flattering. I love the cut out swimsuit, i brought 1 very similar but i have to say it looked shocking on me so it went back lol. I am too short and my belly is no way near tonned enough for it x


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