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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

When it love its love!

Love this dress more than words can describe!!

Have had my eyes on it for ever as it reminds me of my own all time favourite Betsey Johnson dress that I have worn to many a friends wedding:
Sorry for the slightly squiffy face this was the end of the evening.. This dress has been worth every penny as it has seen 3 close friends get married and several horses win big! But since this dress I have not found anything that competes until the Oscar de la Renta gown on Outnet..

But I don't have anywhere near the £1,940.00 required to purchase.. the most upsetting thing is they only have 1 size left.. and it is mine. I want to cry, Outnet please put the price down. Or if anyone know Oscar de la Renta can they ask him to donate this Guipure lace strapless dress to a stylist in need!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Thank You - La Senza


I received my fabulous free Bra and Knicker set from La Senza... and I love it!

Perfect set for the summer with its vibrant colour! I feel some fake tan will be needed to show this off to its full affect!

Being pale I am not a massive fan of fake tans as they don't really look that real on me!
I do however love Johnson's holiday skin (normal to light)

It's also only £4.99 so does not brake my budget! If anyone has any fab fake tan tricks for us paler skinned girls please let me know as I really want to embrace the nude trend this summer without looking like a corpse or like I have been tangoed!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Alternative Fashion Week

Yesterday I decided to visit the alternative fashion week and despite loosing the sensation in my feet due to the cold I am glad I did!

There were 4 really stand out collections and if I am honest the rest was a bit laughable!

Havering College put together a fabulous extravagant collection, which was beautifully made and really cohesive. There were threads of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano in the construction, with draping, corseting and gathering in the womenswear, but great structure and tailoring in the Menswear.

Mary Ratcliffe's
fun eclectic collection was like stepping into a children's dressing up box and coming out clashing, quirky and home sewn. Lucy Tiffany's handbags were a great match to Ratcliffe's collection with stuffed Teddy's as clutches and customised briefcases adding more of a childlike twist to the collection. I especially loved the swan motif on the knitwear.

Adel Andic's collection was ready to be taken off the catwalk and worn. Mixing leather, knits, pleating and Fur in nude and mocha colours to create a sumptuous collection which looked fantastic. I loved the central outfit which I think just screamed STYLE!

Another collection that was really well put together was Elizabeth Hamlyn's which was a knitwear collection inspired by Celtic knot work. I thought the dresses were really well made and very wearable. Mark Fast Esq but affordable and more wearable. I will definitely be buying into this look for A/W!

I also have to mention Amy Day whose 'Celestial Macbre' collection was like watching a latex version of A Mid Summers Nights Dream. Not everyday clothes but cleverly put together and great fun to watch. I also adore her bib necklace again made out of latex but a great alternative to bejewelled necklace, not to mention being wipe clean should you spill your dinner down it!
This Amy Day bib necklace is £45.

If anyone has links to Elizabeth Hamlyn or Lucy Tiffany please get in touch.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

You know your emotional when..

Yesterday I found myself and my little peugeot travelling at great speed on the M11, being bought to tears not by a mean agressive lorry driver but by Taylor Swifts song Love Story!

What is wrong with me you might ask.. Absolutely nothing as 15 minutes further along the M11 I was laughing hysterically at my own rendition of Beyonce's Halo.

Yesterday was an emotional day not because I was happy or sad, or that it marked a special date in Waceystyle history! I just wasn't myself!

My only conclusion so far is that I was desperate to make a purchase! Since Sunday I have had massive shopping urges but was unable to shop due to the fact I was working and had no available funds and since then I have felt.. well a little off!

I think my thing is Shopping as It was only this morning when I handed over the plastic in Topshop for some leggings that I felt back to normal! Since the purchase I have had no hysterical crying or laughing or the need to eat cupcakes.

Ok I admit that I still feel a little weepy when I remember that the Miu Miu swallow shoes are sold out!

But I do actually think us women sometimes need to treat ourselves its cathartic! Whatever your thing is, be it a manicure, a massage, a bath or a cupcake it is about doing something that makes you feel better about you and sometimes I think we just NEED IT! I also needed the cupcake as it turns out so I am off to the gym first thing tomorrow morning!

Does anyone else ever have days like this?

Monday, 19 April 2010

Jean Genie!

At the moment my weekends are filled with Jeans! The boyfriend has even commented on my sleepy discussions on the benefits of a fit and flare jean to balance a bottom! But one thing I will say is that it is has been great fun and lovely to see so many women happy with their new denim purchases!

I am at the Watford Shopping Centre styling for the JEAN GENIE EVENT, where myself and fellow stylist Rachel Staveley are giving free style appointments to shoppers to help them find their perfect jeans..

This weekend I helped a granny, mother and daughter into jeans and got 2 yummy boxes of Thornton's chocolates... so despite blue denim stained hands, sore feet, and dreams of denim there are perks to the JOB!

High street Jeans that I think work for most shapes!

To hide a tummy but keep it classic opt for the OASIS - SCARLET Jean £45

The Oasis - Poppy jean £50 is a great summer option which looks fab with a denim on denim look. On a curvier thigh it appears more kick flare but on a slim leg has a real 70's look! Another bonus to these is the high waist is great to hide a tummy but also works well on a pare shape as it curves in over the bottom.
The Dorothy Perkins - Straight Cut £20 is my top buy of the week. I would opt for the Mid blue as it is more summery but the cut of the leg is great with a heel, but also works really well with a turn up! The only down side to this jean is it has a very low rise so if you have a bit of a tummy I would opt instead for an M&S option.

M&S Indigo Collection Slim Leg jean£19.50. Sorry for the small image can't find a better one but follow the link to check them out. This jean comes in 4 shades I would opt for the black or the white.

Another Jean which I have to mention is the Next Flare £25, I am not usually a massive fan of Next jeans but this shape is fab and great for an everyday jean.
I hope you like my top selection! I will be buying the Straight-cut dotty P's pair, styling my mum in the Indigo pair and my sis in the Oasis Poppy or the Next Flare.

I also have to mention the M&S - North Coast jeans £39.50 for men as they worked really well on the older gent.

and the Next - Dark Wash Hiro jean £32-£40 nice easy style without any fuss!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Outnet Loser!

What sort of Stylist am I?

One who pressed snooze on her alarm this morning and opted for an extra 20 mins in bed.. It was good until I checked twitter on my blackberry and realised that it was the Outnet £1 birthday bonanza! A vision in black and white polka dot pyjama set I rush past the boyfriend in the hallway with cup of green tea in his hand meant for me (oops) fly down the stairs switch on the slowest computer in the world and when it finally decides to work................ I can't get onto the Outnet sale (Arrgggh).

An hour later I find myself still sat in front of the computer continuing to re click into the link. Finally I get access, no time to scroll all items, so I type in bags (sold out) shoes (sold out, DOH) clothes medium there are still some there hallelujah! I start clicking into gorgeous looking garments only to be thrown out of the site completely about 20 times, but I persist I want that Alberta Ferretti top and I am going to get it.....

No it would appear that I am not.. after spending another half an hour trying to buy it it says Sold Out! OK, I can suck it up and carry on looking.. the only things left in my size are a pair of tracksuit bottoms or a stripey jersey dress. I click on the dress and it throws me out of the site again, about to click back in I stop myself and ask, Do I want this hideous stripey dress? The answer is No it is uber ugly and if it was in Oxfam for 50p you wouldn't buy it..

I look at the clock and kick myself when I realise I have spent 3 hours of my life trying to get into the Outnet sale! Needing to cheer myself up I pop on the gorgeous purchases I made on Wednesday. It is not warm enough to wear the complete look today but it will remind me that good clothes can happen to good people (I consider myself good people by the way).

So here is my new outfit not from Outnet:
'T' shirt was £7 at Dorothy Perkins
Jacket was £69 at Zara (thought it was reminiscent of the Celine jacket)
Belt was £9 at H&M
Trousers were £32.50 at Gap

I Apologise for the shoe choice they were all I had to hand and the fact that my mirror needs a good clean, will get the boyfriend onto that asap! (I wish).

Monday, 12 April 2010

Summer Fantasy

I am not sure if it was the sunshine this weekend or the Final of master chef.. but for almost a week now all I can think about is throwing a Summer Tea Party.

At this imaginary Tea party I want to serve cocktails preferably Lychee Martini's in mismatched vintage floral china! Yummy..

Eat salmon and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and then indulge in a pastel shaded macaroon extravaganza! Rose, lemon, berry and violet flavours are my top picks!

At this party I will have small blue jars dotted around filled with beautiful Peonies.. And I will be wearing this Chloe ruffled silk dress worth £843! What this is a dream so lets pretend I have the budget for it.
I will be pairing this with these adorable Miu Miu sparrow print pumps £365, which in my fantasy world I can afford and would not be sold out!!
Then to finish the look I would pop on the Cleopatra earrings $450 by Wendy Brandes which Mrs MDS mentioned in her fab blog!

As money is no object in my fantasy world the I love my make believe Tea Party and I also love that in my fantasy I am 7lb thinner with long red hair rather than a bob!

Who would like to attend?

Friday, 9 April 2010

La Senza Autumn Winter 2010/2011 Press Launch

Yesterday was the Press launch of La Senza's Autumn Winter 2010 collection at the OUI rooms on Eastcastle Street.
I was there with NHJ Style to prep the models for the catwalk Tara Mears was the fabulous make-up artist and I was doing the girls hair and the fab La Senza team were dressing!

The OUI rooms are a great venue and the La Senza team had made the space feel really luxurious with scented candles, rugs and chaise lounges to evoke that luxury lingerie feeling.

The collection is great and caters for the bigger busted girl, usually a Bravisismo girl due to my large bust I am now converted! Some of the collection goes up to a GG so if you have 'prize bangers' head down to La Senza and try out the fun coloured bras!

The new collection falls under 4 themes which will be launched in stores in July and a few extra designs which are very sexy to arrive in September.

The first is Ebony and Ivory which has a fun and playful vibe with black and white stripes and polka dots as well as some fabulous butterfly prints. It has a playful burlesque vibe with big bow details and flashes of vibrant pinks that work really well with the monochrome collection.
My top 2 buys in this theme are the silk striped bra and knicker set and the butterfly print baby doll.

The second theme is Purity this is ultra feminine and romantic and my favourite theme. Garments had a vintage vibe to them with mixtures of silks and lace in soft peaches, pinks, creams and mocha. My favourite look was a chiffon and lace set which also has suspender belt option and goes up to an E cup!

Mischief does what it says on the packet! It has bold prints of leopard print, gingham and plaid next to Pyjama sets with captions and cartoons on. This is aimed at a younger consumer but some of the items caught my eye and I would choose the denim and pink combo as my personal preference.

The last theme is Enigma which is a more glamorous and eclectic selection. The colour pallet is very diverse with pinks, reds, silvers and greys as well as a delicate floral print! This collection is flirt and glamorous with a fabulous petrol blue set!

The Girls at La Senza produced a fabulous and sophisticated collection with some underwear sets that i will definitely be buying when they hit the shops in July!

I will be posting more pics of the event on twitter later today, so if you want to see more looks from the collection head to my twitter waceystyle.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


This weekend the boyfriend and I had a serious wardrobe cleanse! Not because of the lovely new seasons buys that we wanted to re-stock it with but to ensure that we still had some clothes left that had not been consumed by MOTHS!!!!

Yes on Thursday I decided to clean out my old bedroom.. our spare room which holds most of our best clothes, his wool suits and cashmere jumpers and my favourite dresses including DVF and Day Birger and Mikkelsen.....

Whilst tidying I found a basket full of clothes ready to be donated to a charity 2'nds sale.. so I thought I would fold and wash them ready for the event, but instead I found the home of the entire SE1 moth population, who were eating their way through my woolen carpet! I yelped and gagged then rang the boyfriend for advice and following instructions destroyed the nest whilst screaming. I then shut the bedroom door, took a shower and tried to forget the incident had ever happened! But sensible boyfriend reminded me of all of my beautiful clothes that remained in the INFECTED room.. So on our Easter weekend, dressed in sports clothes and rubber gloves, we pulled up the eaten carpet and cleaned out the wardrobe!

The DVF and the Day Birger and Mikkelsen came out unharmed as did the designer suit! However we said goodbye to 4 cashmere jumpers, 1 jumper dress, 2 woolen scarfs and 3 'T' shirts.
It was an emotional event but we took it as an opportunity to cleanse our wardrobe and managed to produced 2 bags of garments unharmed by moth's to donate to the charity clothes sale.
I also found a stash of hats that I had completely forgotten about. I have taken some photos to document my findings..
My aim is to wear every hat at some point this month and I will document the outfit combos as and when I wear them!

I also had to include my NEW'ish JUJU hat which brightens up my basement.. I LOVE it!


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