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Friday, 16 April 2010

Outnet Loser!

What sort of Stylist am I?

One who pressed snooze on her alarm this morning and opted for an extra 20 mins in bed.. It was good until I checked twitter on my blackberry and realised that it was the Outnet £1 birthday bonanza! A vision in black and white polka dot pyjama set I rush past the boyfriend in the hallway with cup of green tea in his hand meant for me (oops) fly down the stairs switch on the slowest computer in the world and when it finally decides to work................ I can't get onto the Outnet sale (Arrgggh).

An hour later I find myself still sat in front of the computer continuing to re click into the link. Finally I get access, no time to scroll all items, so I type in bags (sold out) shoes (sold out, DOH) clothes medium there are still some there hallelujah! I start clicking into gorgeous looking garments only to be thrown out of the site completely about 20 times, but I persist I want that Alberta Ferretti top and I am going to get it.....

No it would appear that I am not.. after spending another half an hour trying to buy it it says Sold Out! OK, I can suck it up and carry on looking.. the only things left in my size are a pair of tracksuit bottoms or a stripey jersey dress. I click on the dress and it throws me out of the site again, about to click back in I stop myself and ask, Do I want this hideous stripey dress? The answer is No it is uber ugly and if it was in Oxfam for 50p you wouldn't buy it..

I look at the clock and kick myself when I realise I have spent 3 hours of my life trying to get into the Outnet sale! Needing to cheer myself up I pop on the gorgeous purchases I made on Wednesday. It is not warm enough to wear the complete look today but it will remind me that good clothes can happen to good people (I consider myself good people by the way).

So here is my new outfit not from Outnet:
'T' shirt was £7 at Dorothy Perkins
Jacket was £69 at Zara (thought it was reminiscent of the Celine jacket)
Belt was £9 at H&M
Trousers were £32.50 at Gap

I Apologise for the shoe choice they were all I had to hand and the fact that my mirror needs a good clean, will get the boyfriend onto that asap! (I wish).


  1. You are plural?

    I have that belt - does that make me stylish/a good person too? (possibly a bit far fetched on the second one!)

    I need those trews. NOW! Heading in the direction of Gap as we speak....

    I did also not get close to the Outnet sale. They have been de-favouritised on my computer.

  2. LOL!

    They have tousers in cream and blue as well! May have to buy the blue to wear with Racer back T + retro ray bans + scarf + hat for V festival!

  3. hmmmm - but with what shoes? You NEED to wear wellies for V, especially around the loo areas - squelchy ground is NOT flip flop friendly!

    I might get the blue ones to wear with my nude-coloured silk top, tan courts (to match my super stylish tan leather woven belt, obv) and a slouchy cardy... it could be my Friday work outfit!

    God I need to think aboout something other than clothes and shoes - then I might actually get somewhere in my actual chosen career, rather than my fantasy one! :-)

  4. Ha! I completely forgot and washed the kitchen floor before I went out today, could have done your mirror if you'd asked. Saw that jacket in Zara today it is tres Celine and all in all fab outfit. Guess what go the TS jumpsuit today - yah! We can be twins xx


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