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Monday, 26 April 2010

Thank You - La Senza


I received my fabulous free Bra and Knicker set from La Senza... and I love it!

Perfect set for the summer with its vibrant colour! I feel some fake tan will be needed to show this off to its full affect!

Being pale I am not a massive fan of fake tans as they don't really look that real on me!
I do however love Johnson's holiday skin (normal to light)

It's also only £4.99 so does not brake my budget! If anyone has any fab fake tan tricks for us paler skinned girls please let me know as I really want to embrace the nude trend this summer without looking like a corpse or like I have been tangoed!


  1. Oh very nice! I like Dove too, find it better than Johnsons but its what suits your skin.

  2. how pretty. so love the lotion too.


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