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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

When it love its love!

Love this dress more than words can describe!!

Have had my eyes on it for ever as it reminds me of my own all time favourite Betsey Johnson dress that I have worn to many a friends wedding:
Sorry for the slightly squiffy face this was the end of the evening.. This dress has been worth every penny as it has seen 3 close friends get married and several horses win big! But since this dress I have not found anything that competes until the Oscar de la Renta gown on Outnet..

But I don't have anywhere near the £1,940.00 required to purchase.. the most upsetting thing is they only have 1 size left.. and it is mine. I want to cry, Outnet please put the price down. Or if anyone know Oscar de la Renta can they ask him to donate this Guipure lace strapless dress to a stylist in need!


  1. It is gorgeous and so is your dress. Keep fingers crossed for a bigger slice off price or that we get rich quick - ha!

  2. MDS: I am holding out fot the we will be millonaires rodney!


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