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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Is it wrong that I am loving the BAD weather?

Yes it is August, Yes we should be walking around in Flip Flops and summer dresses but in true British Summer Style it is raining cats and dogs and actually a little bit chilly!
I am a Leo so I should be one of those who is most peeved by the current weather situation...  BUT I am actually rather happy that the weather has turned bad because it means I don't feel so stupid trying on all the gorgeous A/W11 clothes on the high street right now and I get to wear the most gorgeous Boots (that I may have purchased for myself last week thanks to many a kind Birthday donation from family members).

Yes I have bought the pair of boots that will see me through this winter when I am pounding the streets shopping with Clients in the pouring rain. They were £68.00 from Topshop a bargain considering how comfy and stylish they are.

 Looking at them now, I am already thinking about buying them in a different colour (that is if I can sneak them past the boyfriend and find space in the over flowing shoe cupboard!)

Check out some similar boots:

These are from River Island and are £64.99
These little beauties are from Zara and are £69.99.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Birthday Bonanza part 2

Birthdays have been happening left right and centre over the last 2 weeks.  It was my friends on Monday the 15th, mine on the 16th, a clients on the 17th, my cousin on the 18th, a second birthday celebration for me on the 19th and then another friends 30th birthday party on the 20th.  So I have signed a lot of birthday cards and completely run out of celotape!

FirstlyI have to show you pic's of my two best friends at my belated dinner, they always look gorgeous and stylish that sometimes I think they look like stylists more than me!

Then Saturday was spent making outfits for a fancy dress 30th birthday party!  The party girl went as lady GAGA and her outfit was homemade and looked fantastic!!!

I decided it would be fun to paint myself yellow so I went as Marge Simpson with the boyfriend as Homer....  Is it wrong that I loved being Yellow?

Everyone made a massive effort especially the girls, I must say that I loved the Indian head piece.

My best friend went as Amy Winehouse and annoyingly so did 5 others but I have to say that she was my favourite. 

Big sis went as Sandy and looked very sexy indeed!

The only thing I will say is yellow paint takes 3 showers and a tub of exfoliator to get off and even then you still look a little jaundice! 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Birthday Bonanza

I am sooooooooooooooo sorry for the lack of blogging over the last 2 weeks I would love to say that it has been because I have been so run off my feet, which I have but it is more related to the fact that Tuesday the 16th was my birthday and I have been eking out the celebrations for as long as I could.

On Saturday the 13th the celebrations started with a shopping trip which ended with a purchase in Mulberry followed by high tea at The Soho Hotel with my uni girls and the boyfriend, he was there as official buyer of champagne...

Annoyingly this is the only pic I have of the afternoon of gorging, this is me modelling a very handy gift from my friend Sarah, its a turban towel for your hair!

It was not the best afternoon tea in terms of cake and service but the company was amazing!  Then it was back to Essex for work on the Sunday and Monday morning, I have to keep my clients happy!  A crazy busy working day on the Tuesday my actual birthday but a blow dry at Cobella made me look less shipwreck and more serene for my birthday dinner at Scott's with the family and the boyf but not before present opening and Vino at my lovely little house! 

This is the gorgeous Mulberry purse that the boyf bought me......  I LOVE IT!

A mini photo call in the garden before heading off I love the dress my sister was wearing it is from M&S and looks so Roland Mouret galaxy dress!  I am wearing a Whistles dress and some lush Vivienne Westwood shoes (another birthday gift).

Annoyingly we were not allowed to take pics in Scott's but i managed this sneaky pic of my desert, it was the best meal I have ever had and will be returning once I have saved lots of money!

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the birthday bonanza, not my birthday but a friends and some very interesting outfits!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Its all in the Face.

I have recently had 2 friends show me there fabulous new watches from the gorgeous Michael Kors collection and have since found myself magnetically drawn the MK section of Selfridges trying on a few of the watches myself.

I am a little on the obsessive side when it comes to watches and have always stuck to a square face and a leather strap, I like the way they look on my arm and most importantly the way they feel.  They need to be a little bit weighty and the face needs to take up a lot of wrist space so as to make my wrist look thin and dainty!  But since being introduced to the MK watch collection and setting my eyes on this fab Tortoise acrylic watch I have found myself in a watch quandary!

The watch is £195 and is gorgeous to look at but it's face is round and every time I look at it on my wrist it feels a little bit wrong!  But then I try on a watch that normally would be perfect for me, the (Double wrap watch) it's square and the leather strap is reminiscent of the Hermes Cape Cod (that if I had £1500 I would buy in an instant) and yet when I put it on that now feels wrong because the Tortoise is just so cute!!!!!!

I obviously have more issues when it comes to watches than I thought and will keep re-visiting the MK stand and annoying the sales assistant by trying on watches and having an argument with myself as to which one is actually more me!  But if you are less obsessive and in the market for a new time piece then check out the collection as there really is something for everyone.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Africa Fashion Week

How do I see Africa?  I suppose when I think about Africa I instantly think of Poverty, Crime, Corruption and the shocking visuals of Comic Relief, and I don't think I am alone.  However this weekend I was invited to attend Africa Fashion Week by the fabulous See Africa Differently team.  My view as I went home on Saturday evening was a very different one.  I went away with thoughts of beautiful fashion, amazing textiles and great entrepreneurial spirit.

The day started off with yummylicous pastries at Patisserie Valerie where we got to meet fellow bloggers  and then it was off to the event and the first of 3 fashion shows.  'Ozora' was a real stand out collection with a wide selection of beautiful dresses that could take a girl from the beach to the Red Carpet and the more relaxed beach garments were the real stand out pieces.

This purple chiffon dress with yellow trim looked fresh and fun:

Then this long black dress with intricate beading on the neckline would work really well on the beach or out for dinner and looked really elegant on the catwalk.

Check back tomorrow for more of the great designers that I saw...  but for a chance to win a great bit of African inspired fashion follow @See_Africa on twitter and be in with a chance to win 2 pieces from the Africa Collection on ASOS.


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