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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Is it wrong that I am loving the BAD weather?

Yes it is August, Yes we should be walking around in Flip Flops and summer dresses but in true British Summer Style it is raining cats and dogs and actually a little bit chilly!
I am a Leo so I should be one of those who is most peeved by the current weather situation...  BUT I am actually rather happy that the weather has turned bad because it means I don't feel so stupid trying on all the gorgeous A/W11 clothes on the high street right now and I get to wear the most gorgeous Boots (that I may have purchased for myself last week thanks to many a kind Birthday donation from family members).

Yes I have bought the pair of boots that will see me through this winter when I am pounding the streets shopping with Clients in the pouring rain. They were £68.00 from Topshop a bargain considering how comfy and stylish they are.

 Looking at them now, I am already thinking about buying them in a different colour (that is if I can sneak them past the boyfriend and find space in the over flowing shoe cupboard!)

Check out some similar boots:

These are from River Island and are £64.99
These little beauties are from Zara and are £69.99.

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