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Friday, 31 January 2014

George Graduate Collection The Casual Look

The 2nd look in the George Graduate collection video was a great look, but I wanted to show you how you can make that day time look feel a little smarter and perfect for a lunch with the girls.

In the video I had theses great G21 faded super skinny jean £14.00 on and they are super comfy and versatile so I would keep with the same jean and the same style of jumper!  But they have such great colours available that you really can take your pick of which acid bright you prefer!

This Ribbed shoulder jumper £16.00 in lime is a little shorter though the body, so would be great for you girls with a bigger bottom or thigh as it finishes higher up the body!

But if you prefer the longer style jumper then this Orange ribbed jumper £16.00 or the Yellow version of the same would be a better choice!

Then to Jazz the look up and make it more LUNCH than walk in the park!

I would add in this blue Formal coat £28.00 as the contrast in colour will pop beautifully with the acid tones of the knitwear.

Then swap the wedge trainer from the video to these super cute Lace up shoes £12.00, giving the look a preppy vibe.

To finish the look you need a larger bag like this Monochrome tote £14.00 to give the outfit that sensible feel.  (Not to mention that when holding a tote over our forearm forces the coat open slightly revealing a shock of that acid knitwear!)

I hope you like this alternative casual look.  All items are available at George at ASDA.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

George's Graduate Collection 1st outfit variations

The 1st look that I wore in the George Graduate Collection Style Video, is my favourite as I am a sucker for a great jumper dress! They are my go-to item in the wardrobe for a day in the office as they are warm, comfy, easy to dress up if you get a last minute meeting or drinks to go to and they really flatter my hourglass body shape!

The fantastic geo print midi dress £18.00, has that really flattering central panel to slim down the waist and the detailing down the side makes it look interesting from every angle.  The other shorter dress in the collection for me does not have the same drama or impact as the geo print but for those of you wanting a safer option it is a great alternative ribbed panel dress £18.00

For a daytime vibe to your look opt for an easy to wear and walk in Knee high boots £40.00

But if you want to Jazz it up opt for an Ankle boots £26.00 to show off those fab pins!

and if you are feeling like adding a touch more interest why not opt for a Polka dot tights £3.50 instead of your usual opaques.

In my opinion a high necked jumper dress always needs a statement necklace this one is just £6.00 and will give the edge needed to keep the look on trend

Then to add real WOW factor add a contrast print, this animal print panelled coat £36.00 will compliment the acid orange and give it a tribal feel but don't leave it there!  Add one more clash with this orange Satchel £12.00.  It is a different orange which will make both colours pop even better!

I hope you like the slightly different take on outfit 1, check back tomorrow for another way to wear outfit 2 from the video!

All garments are from George at ASDA

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Slouchy to Stylish - fashion tips 4 sofa time!

All of us need DOWN time.. and everyone has a different way of relaxing, whether its grabbing a cuppa and a good book / magazine or snuggling on the sofa to watch a favourite programme or film!

We all need that slouchy time and more often than not we are usually wearing equally SLOUCHY clothes to do it!  I have to admit that I am not a fan of Tracksuits and only ever wear my tracksuit trousers if I am heading to the gym (not very often).  But I do always have comfy clothing on when I am at home relaxing or doing the usual chores!

Michaela contacted me on the Facebook page with her style question which was addressing just this sort of clothing dilemma!

"Hi Claire, you asked for our styling problems on your you tube channel, I'd like to share mine: I spend a lot of time around the house and because I'm lazy I tend to only wear over sized Tshirts and sweat pants. Can you recommend some comfortable outfits that aren't as slouchy as my usual ones? I would love to look a little cuter but at the same time not being restricted by a jeans waist band. Thank you for your help. Michaela"

So I have put together this blog as well as a style video to address The challenge of Stylish slouchy clothes.  I hope you all enjoy it.
Click the picture below to see the style video:


So here is my choice of items on the high street that will fit in with this slouchy 2 stylish concept.  I am continuing the idea of leggings instead of tracksuit bottoms for all of these looks!

1st is this really easy to wear Oasis stripe dress £36.00, if you wanted to jazz it up you could add a coloured belt, but it does not need one if you wear the waist higher and then slouch the top over.

A more relaxed option is this Oasis Claret Sweatshirt dress £42.00, it wont give as much shape but if you add in a contrast coloured long sleeve T-shirt underneath it will add interest and slim down limbs!  I would also add a necklace to this which I have written about at the end of the post!

If Oasis is usually out of budget....  they still have some great buy's in the SALE, thisOasis floral stretch dress is only£10.00!  What a bargain!  The print on this makes it feel more dressy, but I think that with leggings and some over sized slipper socks this will be cosy but can also be dressed up if someone pops buy unexpectedly!

Stretch dresses aren't for everyone so here are a few looser tunic style options:

This Dorothy Perkins camel print tunic £35.00 has a great open neckline which really flatters bigger busts, but the print is also great at breaking up the body!  Layer a long sleeved T-shirt underneath to make it look more stylish and you have a great look.

Another great option for COMFORT....  Don't judge me ladies...  But it is a maternity top!!!  Dorothy Perkins Maternity top £29.00 could be worn with black leggings and then I would undo the top 2 buttons and layer an acid coloured cami underneath and change the belt to a black one. (my Reiss dress in the video could be worn as maternity.. so why not just buy maternity)

Another fun option is this ASOS crochet dress £31.50, the neckline is similar to the Oasis one and the crochet element makes it appear more styled and interesting...  I would again layer a long sleeve T-shirt under so that you had a contrast colour!

The last look is this ASOS contrast sleeve tunic £22.00, it's only available in size 16 but I had to share it with you because it is such an easy one to style add a contrast necklace and you are instantly looking stylish, what is not too love?

I mentioned a couple of accessories that will help finish the looks..... so here they are:

Slipper socks from Next £14.00

As one last parting tip... why not try a denim legging instead of a block colour one?  You get the denim look but without the un-comfort...  Marks and Spencer have these great ones £15.00.

But I would remind you that they are STILL LEGGINGS and should be worn with Tunics and dresses.  As in my book leggings are NOT trousers!!!!!!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Deeper shades of Blue on the SAG awards RED CARPET

As you all know... I love awards season!  I cant get enough of all the glitz and the glamour, and I LOVE the DRESSES!

The SAG Awards were just as pleasing for dress spotting as the Golden Globes, especially as there were ridiculous amounts of BLUE dresses on the red carpet......

BLUE is my all time favourite colour... I had a Blue engagement dress, a blue wedding dress and wore blue on my 30th!   Who says I am not a trend setter!


So here are my top dresses from the awards and shock horror they are all blue!

Amy Adams in Antonio Berardi

Anna Gunn in Monique Lhuillier

Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci 

Juliette Lewis in Vivienne Westwood

Kathy Griffin in Antonio Berardi

You know that you are all wishing you were A list celebs wearing all these gorgeous gowns too......!

Thursday, 16 January 2014


For Vicky......

First off lets get the footwear sorted! If you are not going to a resort where they drive you everywhere like Scott Dunn!  Then you will defo need footwear that is comfy (after a day in painful ski boots)/warm (SNOW = COLD and chic (one must always look awesome).

My top pics are:
Timberland's Snow boots £131.00

Black quilted snow Boots from Debenhams £28.00

In terms of clothes to pack...  I always think jumper dresses are great options as you can wear them with tights or leggings and will be snug but not too casual!

This Jumper dress is £40 from ASOS and can be dresses up with tonged hair and a RED lip!

Another great option is this Claret Jumper dress £35 also from ASOS  Add in the gold belt or statement necklace and it is instantly dressed up!

For casual, the obvious is a skinny jean and some lush tops but why not try a Leather look leggings £12

Layer a Cami dress over the leggings £7.00

Then layer over this great Sheer lemon stripe jumper £36 from Topshop

or if you want a bot of bling then this Sequin jumper Oasis £15.00

or something more relaxed like this print top from Warehouse £40.

To be worn over the top to give you the WOW factor Faux Fur and knit cape £75 (sold by me also available in brown 4 in stock)

Accessories you need to finish the looks...

Some awesome Sunglasses

Floppy Hat or statement hat of your choice... but this is mine and its only £14.99 from H&M

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Looking Stylish on the Slopes (for Vicky)

I have had so many of my clients getting in touch this month panicking about the perfect SKI wardrobe and with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey looking super chic on the slopes, no wonder they are all having a panic!

My Top tip's for looking chic on the slopes on a BUDGET are KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

Black always looks great against the white slopes and can really work in your favour if you are on a budget, as when you opt for colour you need to spend a lot more to make you look super styled!

These 2 jackets are great options for instant SKI style and could be used for the UK on a really extreme weather day too....

£89.99 ProCarve women from Decathlon:

Black £150 Roxy Jacket from Snow & Rock

Then you can go for some easy black salopettes like these also from Decathlon, £44.99

If you have gone full on Black with the outerwear then you can get really creative with your base layers and accessories Like Gwen Steffani has with this awesome Leopard print base layer!

Try a colourful or printed top:

These colour options are only £5.99 per top

Or this printed one from Sweaty Betty  is a great way of Jazzing up the simple Slopes look!

Then you need to add in the hat and scarf options to really make the outfit come together!  I always like a bit of Faux Fur and animal print!
Animal Print goggles £79.99

Head band £19.99
 Snood £34.99
Hope this post helps if you are having to invest in a ski look on a budget!  Check back Thursday for Apres Ski inspiration!


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