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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Looking Stylish on the Slopes (for Vicky)

I have had so many of my clients getting in touch this month panicking about the perfect SKI wardrobe and with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey looking super chic on the slopes, no wonder they are all having a panic!

My Top tip's for looking chic on the slopes on a BUDGET are KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

Black always looks great against the white slopes and can really work in your favour if you are on a budget, as when you opt for colour you need to spend a lot more to make you look super styled!

These 2 jackets are great options for instant SKI style and could be used for the UK on a really extreme weather day too....

£89.99 ProCarve women from Decathlon:

Black £150 Roxy Jacket from Snow & Rock

Then you can go for some easy black salopettes like these also from Decathlon, £44.99

If you have gone full on Black with the outerwear then you can get really creative with your base layers and accessories Like Gwen Steffani has with this awesome Leopard print base layer!

Try a colourful or printed top:

These colour options are only £5.99 per top

Or this printed one from Sweaty Betty  is a great way of Jazzing up the simple Slopes look!

Then you need to add in the hat and scarf options to really make the outfit come together!  I always like a bit of Faux Fur and animal print!
Animal Print goggles £79.99

Head band £19.99
 Snood £34.99
Hope this post helps if you are having to invest in a ski look on a budget!  Check back Thursday for Apres Ski inspiration!

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  1. Thanks!

    Man I want those leopard print goggles... maybe if I discover that I'm any good I'll get some for next time...


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