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Thursday, 16 January 2014


For Vicky......

First off lets get the footwear sorted! If you are not going to a resort where they drive you everywhere like Scott Dunn!  Then you will defo need footwear that is comfy (after a day in painful ski boots)/warm (SNOW = COLD and chic (one must always look awesome).

My top pics are:
Timberland's Snow boots £131.00

Black quilted snow Boots from Debenhams £28.00

In terms of clothes to pack...  I always think jumper dresses are great options as you can wear them with tights or leggings and will be snug but not too casual!

This Jumper dress is £40 from ASOS and can be dresses up with tonged hair and a RED lip!

Another great option is this Claret Jumper dress £35 also from ASOS  Add in the gold belt or statement necklace and it is instantly dressed up!

For casual, the obvious is a skinny jean and some lush tops but why not try a Leather look leggings £12

Layer a Cami dress over the leggings £7.00

Then layer over this great Sheer lemon stripe jumper £36 from Topshop

or if you want a bot of bling then this Sequin jumper Oasis £15.00

or something more relaxed like this print top from Warehouse £40.

To be worn over the top to give you the WOW factor Faux Fur and knit cape £75 (sold by me also available in brown 4 in stock)

Accessories you need to finish the looks...

Some awesome Sunglasses

Floppy Hat or statement hat of your choice... but this is mine and its only £14.99 from H&M


  1. Yesssssssssssss

    I'm almost getting excited now!


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