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Monday, 30 May 2011

clutch me if you can

I love a nice piece of arm candy and I am not talking Johnny Depp!  I mean handbags and specifically clutch bags, they can turn an old outfit into something new and they remind me a little bit of sweets but without the calories.... even better.

Here are my top 3 at the moment:

Banana Republic beaded lovelyness is £59.50 but so worth it!  Use it for a night out with a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans or glam up a beautiful maxi for that seaside wedding.
Then we have the closest I can get to that Miu Miu from my blog a few weeks ago.  This clutch is perfectly formed and will add a fabulous pop of colour to any outfit and its only £25 from Accessorize.

Last but by no means least is this cute shell shape clutch also from Accessorize for £32, a little too small for the blackberry and the camera but ideal for an occasion where you don't need your phone!  This would look great with a colour clash palazzo outfit... think this seasons Gucci and we are in business.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Aussie Salon Special

Aussie haircare have sent me to the fabulous Tommy Guns salon in Soho for a Lushiously Light new hair cut and colour...

Ha got you...  You thought I'd cut off my newly grown locks and dyed it black didn't you!!!!  Well actually it is 1 of the 3 wigs that Aussie sent me to try out and inspire a change.  I didn't opt for a new bob, but the wig did inspire my sister to change her colour and go for a slightly shorter cut. 

The shot that inspired change..

How we adapted it to suit her face shape and colouring.

Here are some of the pictures of myself and fellow Aussie Angels LondonLipGloss and KLGhairadvice at Tommy Guns last week having our tresses tended to.

KLGhair before, during and after with Emma from Aussie.

Londonlipgloss before, during and, with a glass of bubbles, after.

Me with limp lifeless hair...

Colour development the worst time to have a picture taken!

The blow dry of all blow dry's!

The after picture where my hair felt Lusciously Light and looked awesome. 

Thanks to Emma at Aussie and to Londonlipgloss and KLGhair for being a great giggle on the day.  We all looked Lusciously light and Uber glam with our new styles. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011


It was my mum's 60th birthday on Saturday and I had to show you a glimpse of some of the fab outfits...

This weekend was my mum's 60th birthday and we had a massive party to celebrate and there were some great outfits that I have to share with you all...

Monday, 9 May 2011

something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

No I am not talking about the Royal wedding...  I am talking about the next big wedding of the year that I am attending in Chicago!  It will be the wedding of all weddings, and I have been having a real time of it trying to work out what to wear for the bash.  It's a black tie event and I don't want to let the Brits down.   So... I have been trawling the Internet, and the shops, for that perfect dress.  I have found several along my journey, some expensive, others very expensive, and I think that finally I have an outfit!  Hurray!

So Friday was the day that i finally made my decision and it came down to 2 dresses...  A project D dress worth £499 or a Blue maxi dress that I can borrow for free from my lovely friend Vicky!!  Financially it is an obvious choice but when you try on a dress and feel the need to spin round in circles because you love it so much the choice becomes a little bit harder!

This is the gorgeous Project D dress.....  sigh

And this is the sexier and cheaper option...

The decision was just to hard so I decided to put it to a vote, I asked 5 people 2 voted the Project D and 3 the maxi.  My decision was made and encouragingly the 2 who voted project D changed their votes on hearing the price difference!

So I sadly re-packaged the Project D dress and sent it back to the shop this morning, I was a princess for the 10 minutes I was in it.  The up side of all of this is that I have a dress for the wedding that has not cost me a dime and it goes beautifully with my favourite earrings.

And it leaves me with some spare cash to buy something NEW like a gorgeous gold belt to finish off the look!!!  That way even though I am not the bride, my outfit will have something old (my earrings), something new (the belt from whistles) and my something borrowed and blue are the fab dress on loan from Vicky!  

Thanks Vicky. x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It feels great to be British.. Better late than never!

Ok so we all new that Kate Middleton was going to look great and she did...  Her dress was stunning the delicate lace with the sophisticated pleating of the skirt and train were just stunning!  She looked just like an uber stylish Princess at the end of a fairytale book!  Sarah Burton of McQueen was hot favourite to do the design and she really did not disappoint!

But what was the rest of the Nation wearing to celebrate?  I don't know about everyone but a select few in Essex had a right Royal knees up to celebrate and we all hit the dress code nail on the head...  unlike Princess Eugenie and Beatrice...

Hair was styled and diamonds donned..

The Queen as you have never seen her before..

The three amigos... AKA, Me and by two best friends as the Queen, Will and Kate.

This lady is Party organiser extraordinaire ....  She is wearing Vivienne of Holloway and had us drinking cocktails from vintage china tea cups and saucers!

Me and a very stylish gent who had the same patriotic dress sense!  My dress is a Betsy Johnson dress with a Vivienne of Holloway underskirt and the union jack bit I made using 2 union jacks and a needle and thread!

 Patriotic choice of colour matching for this lovely couple..

Hats worn by all ages even when chomping on cake!

My best friend Katy in a bridesmaid dress with a Royal wedding T and matching socks looked fabulously stylish even after a few too many cocktails.

Would love to know what people wore on the day and how they celebrated!


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