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Monday, 9 May 2011

something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

No I am not talking about the Royal wedding...  I am talking about the next big wedding of the year that I am attending in Chicago!  It will be the wedding of all weddings, and I have been having a real time of it trying to work out what to wear for the bash.  It's a black tie event and I don't want to let the Brits down.   So... I have been trawling the Internet, and the shops, for that perfect dress.  I have found several along my journey, some expensive, others very expensive, and I think that finally I have an outfit!  Hurray!

So Friday was the day that i finally made my decision and it came down to 2 dresses...  A project D dress worth £499 or a Blue maxi dress that I can borrow for free from my lovely friend Vicky!!  Financially it is an obvious choice but when you try on a dress and feel the need to spin round in circles because you love it so much the choice becomes a little bit harder!

This is the gorgeous Project D dress.....  sigh

And this is the sexier and cheaper option...

The decision was just to hard so I decided to put it to a vote, I asked 5 people 2 voted the Project D and 3 the maxi.  My decision was made and encouragingly the 2 who voted project D changed their votes on hearing the price difference!

So I sadly re-packaged the Project D dress and sent it back to the shop this morning, I was a princess for the 10 minutes I was in it.  The up side of all of this is that I have a dress for the wedding that has not cost me a dime and it goes beautifully with my favourite earrings.

And it leaves me with some spare cash to buy something NEW like a gorgeous gold belt to finish off the look!!!  That way even though I am not the bride, my outfit will have something old (my earrings), something new (the belt from whistles) and my something borrowed and blue are the fab dress on loan from Vicky!  

Thanks Vicky. x


  1. Good choice money wise - you will be able to enjoy the experience and the free dress is gorgeous xx

  2. No worries chick - looks fab on you! xoxo


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