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Monday, 23 May 2011

Aussie Salon Special

Aussie haircare have sent me to the fabulous Tommy Guns salon in Soho for a Lushiously Light new hair cut and colour...

Ha got you...  You thought I'd cut off my newly grown locks and dyed it black didn't you!!!!  Well actually it is 1 of the 3 wigs that Aussie sent me to try out and inspire a change.  I didn't opt for a new bob, but the wig did inspire my sister to change her colour and go for a slightly shorter cut. 

The shot that inspired change..

How we adapted it to suit her face shape and colouring.

Here are some of the pictures of myself and fellow Aussie Angels LondonLipGloss and KLGhairadvice at Tommy Guns last week having our tresses tended to.

KLGhair before, during and after with Emma from Aussie.

Londonlipgloss before, during and, with a glass of bubbles, after.

Me with limp lifeless hair...

Colour development the worst time to have a picture taken!

The blow dry of all blow dry's!

The after picture where my hair felt Lusciously Light and looked awesome. 

Thanks to Emma at Aussie and to Londonlipgloss and KLGhair for being a great giggle on the day.  We all looked Lusciously light and Uber glam with our new styles. 


  1. Ah was lovely to meet you and have a catch up! :)
    Your blow dry was amazing, hair looked gorgeous.


  2. loving the bounce!!! I want it. I wals want the wig.... it might stop me from chopping all my hair off on a whim, when i should be trying to grow it!

  3. Amazing! I was fooled at first ref wig ...


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