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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

It feels great to be British.. Better late than never!

Ok so we all new that Kate Middleton was going to look great and she did...  Her dress was stunning the delicate lace with the sophisticated pleating of the skirt and train were just stunning!  She looked just like an uber stylish Princess at the end of a fairytale book!  Sarah Burton of McQueen was hot favourite to do the design and she really did not disappoint!

But what was the rest of the Nation wearing to celebrate?  I don't know about everyone but a select few in Essex had a right Royal knees up to celebrate and we all hit the dress code nail on the head...  unlike Princess Eugenie and Beatrice...

Hair was styled and diamonds donned..

The Queen as you have never seen her before..

The three amigos... AKA, Me and by two best friends as the Queen, Will and Kate.

This lady is Party organiser extraordinaire ....  She is wearing Vivienne of Holloway and had us drinking cocktails from vintage china tea cups and saucers!

Me and a very stylish gent who had the same patriotic dress sense!  My dress is a Betsy Johnson dress with a Vivienne of Holloway underskirt and the union jack bit I made using 2 union jacks and a needle and thread!

 Patriotic choice of colour matching for this lovely couple..

Hats worn by all ages even when chomping on cake!

My best friend Katy in a bridesmaid dress with a Royal wedding T and matching socks looked fabulously stylish even after a few too many cocktails.

Would love to know what people wore on the day and how they celebrated!


  1. After moaning that I never get into your blog- I still get left out... And I wore the same colour as the Queen did! To add insult to injury, the rents even made it!! :)

    My wedding had better be covered in great detail.

  2. Ha Ha... I wanted to cover the lemon dress but all my pics were fuzzey!


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