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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Prince Charming? I'd rather have some shoes!

Forget the Royal Wedding and Marrying your Prince Charming, The LOVE of my life right now comes in a dusty pink box, makes me feel uber sexy and has the ability to make me go week at the knees.

I am not required to diet as when you gain 5 inches in height you instantly look slimmer anyway.  When we clash its like a glorious Fashion moment not the clash of the Titans and most importantly they don't answer back!

Yes.. you guessed it I bought the MIU MIU shoes and we are destined for a life of Happily ever after!

Meet my current love affair....  My MIU MIU shoes:

So I say Kate... you may be marrying a Prince on Friday wearing possibly the most talked about dress in History but you haven't seen what my MIU MIU's and I have planned for the big occasion!!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.. x


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