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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bank Holiday Supermarket shopping

Yesterday saw the hottest day of the year so far and annoyingly I spent half of the day in IKEA and TESCO and the rest of the day building shelves!  But the silver lining to this was that I got to peruse some fabulous F&F collection and I found some gems to pop in the trolley with the Barbecue food!

Yes the TESCO shop has just become a task I enjoy as the summer dresses are not just reasonably priced but actually rather stylish too!

Last week I purchased 2 fab new cardigans one long with a little belt and the other short for popping over dresses and all for £16.00!  But yesterday saw me purchase this fab new summer dress for £16.00 and it fits like a dream....
Then whilst looking online I found these 2 fab dresses that will soon be moving into my wardrobe..  This Maxi is just £14.50.

and this stripe dress is just £16.00

I think I might have to pop back to TESCO today as I am sure there is something for the BBQ that we forgot!

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