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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Keeping warm in the Snow

Yes the Snow is causing chaos for lots of people up and down the country!  Being in Central london I am yet to be affected, a little annoying as I love nothing more than a walk through St James's park after a hefty dump of snow.  In fact my snow dog from last year is still on my desktop pics (there was not enough snow for an entire man so we made a dog).

Although the snow has not made me house bound the dreaded TAX return has and living in a very old house, with my office in it's very COLD basement, I have felt the chill of the snowy weather and have found the perfect snuggle outfits that are NOT the dreaded tracksuit!!!

So if you are needing to feel snuggly over the next few weeks think about some of the below:

The first is the closest to a Tracksuit, It is the Bermondsey Sweat Dress from Sweaty Betty, currently in the Sale for £45.00.  It is super comfy and looks great with leggings (I opt for leather leggings to make it look more fashionable) and it has little holes in the arm's, so it feels like i am wearing fingerless gloves!

The next is like a classic jumper dress but the boxy shape and high neck mean that you can make this oversized Jumper look super stylish with the rights accessories..  It is from Baukjen £100.00 and looks great with leather leggings or normal leggings and over the knee leather boots for outside! 

Of you are a layering girl then why not use a gilet to give you the layers and warmth?  This sheepskin gilet from Karen Millen £495.00 looks great over a jumper dress but looks fantastic over the top of a slim leather to give extra texture whilst staying warm!

I hope you enjoy snuggling up and keeping the cold at bay!


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