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Monday, 15 August 2011

Its all in the Face.

I have recently had 2 friends show me there fabulous new watches from the gorgeous Michael Kors collection and have since found myself magnetically drawn the MK section of Selfridges trying on a few of the watches myself.

I am a little on the obsessive side when it comes to watches and have always stuck to a square face and a leather strap, I like the way they look on my arm and most importantly the way they feel.  They need to be a little bit weighty and the face needs to take up a lot of wrist space so as to make my wrist look thin and dainty!  But since being introduced to the MK watch collection and setting my eyes on this fab Tortoise acrylic watch I have found myself in a watch quandary!

The watch is £195 and is gorgeous to look at but it's face is round and every time I look at it on my wrist it feels a little bit wrong!  But then I try on a watch that normally would be perfect for me, the (Double wrap watch) it's square and the leather strap is reminiscent of the Hermes Cape Cod (that if I had £1500 I would buy in an instant) and yet when I put it on that now feels wrong because the Tortoise is just so cute!!!!!!

I obviously have more issues when it comes to watches than I thought and will keep re-visiting the MK stand and annoying the sales assistant by trying on watches and having an argument with myself as to which one is actually more me!  But if you are less obsessive and in the market for a new time piece then check out the collection as there really is something for everyone.

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  1. I have a navy blue Michael Kors watch and though it seems a little big for my wrist, I love it. Obviously the Hermes one would be preferable - perhaps when I write that best seller...(I wrote about the watch here)

    Love your blog!

    Helena xx


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