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Friday, 26 August 2011

Birthday Bonanza part 2

Birthdays have been happening left right and centre over the last 2 weeks.  It was my friends on Monday the 15th, mine on the 16th, a clients on the 17th, my cousin on the 18th, a second birthday celebration for me on the 19th and then another friends 30th birthday party on the 20th.  So I have signed a lot of birthday cards and completely run out of celotape!

FirstlyI have to show you pic's of my two best friends at my belated dinner, they always look gorgeous and stylish that sometimes I think they look like stylists more than me!

Then Saturday was spent making outfits for a fancy dress 30th birthday party!  The party girl went as lady GAGA and her outfit was homemade and looked fantastic!!!

I decided it would be fun to paint myself yellow so I went as Marge Simpson with the boyfriend as Homer....  Is it wrong that I loved being Yellow?

Everyone made a massive effort especially the girls, I must say that I loved the Indian head piece.

My best friend went as Amy Winehouse and annoyingly so did 5 others but I have to say that she was my favourite. 

Big sis went as Sandy and looked very sexy indeed!

The only thing I will say is yellow paint takes 3 showers and a tub of exfoliator to get off and even then you still look a little jaundice! 

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