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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Alternative Fashion Week

Yesterday I decided to visit the alternative fashion week and despite loosing the sensation in my feet due to the cold I am glad I did!

There were 4 really stand out collections and if I am honest the rest was a bit laughable!

Havering College put together a fabulous extravagant collection, which was beautifully made and really cohesive. There were threads of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano in the construction, with draping, corseting and gathering in the womenswear, but great structure and tailoring in the Menswear.

Mary Ratcliffe's
fun eclectic collection was like stepping into a children's dressing up box and coming out clashing, quirky and home sewn. Lucy Tiffany's handbags were a great match to Ratcliffe's collection with stuffed Teddy's as clutches and customised briefcases adding more of a childlike twist to the collection. I especially loved the swan motif on the knitwear.

Adel Andic's collection was ready to be taken off the catwalk and worn. Mixing leather, knits, pleating and Fur in nude and mocha colours to create a sumptuous collection which looked fantastic. I loved the central outfit which I think just screamed STYLE!

Another collection that was really well put together was Elizabeth Hamlyn's which was a knitwear collection inspired by Celtic knot work. I thought the dresses were really well made and very wearable. Mark Fast Esq but affordable and more wearable. I will definitely be buying into this look for A/W!

I also have to mention Amy Day whose 'Celestial Macbre' collection was like watching a latex version of A Mid Summers Nights Dream. Not everyday clothes but cleverly put together and great fun to watch. I also adore her bib necklace again made out of latex but a great alternative to bejewelled necklace, not to mention being wipe clean should you spill your dinner down it!
This Amy Day bib necklace is £45.

If anyone has links to Elizabeth Hamlyn or Lucy Tiffany please get in touch.


  1. this sounds and looks brilliant xxxxx

  2. There were some really fab collections!


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