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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


This weekend the boyfriend and I had a serious wardrobe cleanse! Not because of the lovely new seasons buys that we wanted to re-stock it with but to ensure that we still had some clothes left that had not been consumed by MOTHS!!!!

Yes on Thursday I decided to clean out my old bedroom.. our spare room which holds most of our best clothes, his wool suits and cashmere jumpers and my favourite dresses including DVF and Day Birger and Mikkelsen.....

Whilst tidying I found a basket full of clothes ready to be donated to a charity 2'nds sale.. so I thought I would fold and wash them ready for the event, but instead I found the home of the entire SE1 moth population, who were eating their way through my woolen carpet! I yelped and gagged then rang the boyfriend for advice and following instructions destroyed the nest whilst screaming. I then shut the bedroom door, took a shower and tried to forget the incident had ever happened! But sensible boyfriend reminded me of all of my beautiful clothes that remained in the INFECTED room.. So on our Easter weekend, dressed in sports clothes and rubber gloves, we pulled up the eaten carpet and cleaned out the wardrobe!

The DVF and the Day Birger and Mikkelsen came out unharmed as did the designer suit! However we said goodbye to 4 cashmere jumpers, 1 jumper dress, 2 woolen scarfs and 3 'T' shirts.
It was an emotional event but we took it as an opportunity to cleanse our wardrobe and managed to produced 2 bags of garments unharmed by moth's to donate to the charity clothes sale.
I also found a stash of hats that I had completely forgotten about. I have taken some photos to document my findings..
My aim is to wear every hat at some point this month and I will document the outfit combos as and when I wear them!

I also had to include my NEW'ish JUJU hat which brightens up my basement.. I LOVE it!


  1. Get you with your Jean Genet! Love the panic and the hats xx

  2. Wow you have so many hats!! Hope you don't have any more moths! xoxo

  3. Thankfully all of the moths have left! Now i just have to work out how to incorporate some of them into everyday outfits!

  4. I want that third one! And the last one... let's all wear them together one night and reminisce.

    Re, the penultimate one, PLEASE let me know when you intend to go out wearing that - I want to be there to witness it!! :-)

  5. Ah you poor thing, I hate moths.

    Trying putting lavender soap amongst the knits, at least it smells nicer than actual moth balls!

  6. I live in fear of moths, if one gets in the house I will not rest until it gets splatted!
    Love the snow queen hat best x

  7. She wore it well: what a great tip i will go buy some!
    Pearl Westwood: I wore the snow queen hat yesterday and then the sun came out which made it look a tad silly! But I do love hats!


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