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Monday, 12 April 2010

Summer Fantasy

I am not sure if it was the sunshine this weekend or the Final of master chef.. but for almost a week now all I can think about is throwing a Summer Tea Party.

At this imaginary Tea party I want to serve cocktails preferably Lychee Martini's in mismatched vintage floral china! Yummy..

Eat salmon and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and then indulge in a pastel shaded macaroon extravaganza! Rose, lemon, berry and violet flavours are my top picks!

At this party I will have small blue jars dotted around filled with beautiful Peonies.. And I will be wearing this Chloe ruffled silk dress worth £843! What this is a dream so lets pretend I have the budget for it.
I will be pairing this with these adorable Miu Miu sparrow print pumps £365, which in my fantasy world I can afford and would not be sold out!!
Then to finish the look I would pop on the Cleopatra earrings $450 by Wendy Brandes which Mrs MDS mentioned in her fab blog!

As money is no object in my fantasy world the I love my make believe Tea Party and I also love that in my fantasy I am 7lb thinner with long red hair rather than a bob!

Who would like to attend?


  1. Me and I'd be 7lbs lighter too xx

  2. Lychee Martinis are my favourite! Bring on the summer......

  3. 你可以從外表的美來評論一朵花或一隻蝴蝶,但你不能這樣來評論一個人........................................

  4. Me!!!!! You know that afternoon tea is my second fave meal of the day, preceeded only by Brunch and closely followed by Champagne Breakfast, Posh Binner and Long Lunch.

    You can borrow my mis-matched china, which is in statis until Kim and I set up our "Cup-tail" bar with my impending lottery win. :-)

  5. oops - Posh Dinner, not Binner!

  6. MDS- You are much closer to being 7lb thinner than I am.. but we should defo have the party if I suceed!
    Pinky- totally agree, lychee martinis are the best!
    Vikihalo- you always make me Laugh out Loud... can I have some of you impending lottery win and be ambassador of said cut-tail bar?!

  7. OK... Purlease invite me to your tea party!!! I promise to wear something nice.. and bring cupcakes! x

  8. ThatGirl39 - CUPCAKES! You are invited!

  9. Glad you like the earrings!


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