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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Party Night

If you remember, at the beginning of this year, I had a fabulous Summer Fantasy where I wore a Chloe dress, Mui Mui shoes and Wendy Brandes earrings, whilst drinking Lychee Martini's!  Well for my birthday party I had planned to recreate this fantasy!  I tried to get the Miu Miu's, but they sold out in seconds, the chloe dress was not available in my size and Wendy Brandes earings were all the way over in America and probably sold out due to the Sex and The City 2!!!!!  Booo.  BUT, I did have Lychee Martini's, which were gorgeous and, to make them even more special, or should I say chav, I had them coming out of my very own cocktail fountain!
Here are some pics of my Oh so stylish friends and my Oh so chav party!

The Essex girls...

The none Essex girls... yes they are my civilised oh so stylish friends!

Then the moment I opened the shiny NET A PORTER box... the music stopped, my eyes lit up and I became short of breath and that was only looking at the box and ribbon!!!!  Actually finding a lush Marc Jacobs ring inside made me turn the colour of beetroot and squeal (lucky for me that bit was not caught on camera)
Favourite fashion moments of the evening are....
'Mrs G' Tatty Divine necklace worn by Mrs G
and delicious floral skirt worn by Flic (the lady who introduced me to the delights of Tatty divine back in uni).
Matchy Matchy Perfect Princess's also need a mention..  Lilly and Bonnie looked adorable in matching outfits and kept everyone entertained with dance shows!


  1. Like the sound of the Martini's, sounds like you had a fab time!

  2. Ah what fun - that fountain is fab. Want one!

  3. Loving our shout out on the blog! Great party! I heart Wacey Style!
    P.S. glad you liekd the present!

  4. whoops ... too many glases at my wine tasting session obviously

    I meant "liked"

  5. Are you kidding? I've got a pair of earrings with your name all over them ;-)

  6. Oh no now I will have to find the budget for the earrings! (SHAME..)
    Wendy I was actually holding out for the flower ring that you made for a friends fashion show that i messaged you about! Are you thinking of making more? It was a flower shape!

  7. great pictures and I think the fountain is fab, beats the weather-worn jugs and bowls in the Blackpool bars!

  8. hahah love that photo of you all on the table


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