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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I Love being ahead of the curve!

My new shiny copy of Grazia was waiting for me on my door mat when I arrived home from work this evening.  Whilst flicking through the glossy pages I felt a big swell of pride as I looked at the Fashion Charts and found the gorgeous necklace I had styled my sister in, for my birthday dinner, at their no 8 position.  Ok it wasn't at no1, but it was in their charts none the less!

I was planning on discussing my birthday weekend with you all anyway, as there were some fab outfits and gift that I know you would love to hear about.  So my first instalment is Friday night, which was birthday dinner night.  The family, Waceystyle and the boyfriend descended on Le Caprice restaurant looking stylish and feeling hungry.  I wore a fab oyster coloured LK Bennett dress, Lucy Hutching earrings, Office shoes and a Jaeger clutch.  Mumma bear wore a lush black dress and gold chain necklace from Jaeger with some patent shoes from LK Bennett.  Big Sis wore a great Ted Baker dress, Dune shoes and the (no 8 position) bug necklace.  Daddy bear was head to toe in Coes of Essex and the boyf was in Nigel Hall floral shirt, Paul Smith jeans and a Massimo Dutti linen jacket.

My favourite outfit of the night was my sister's as she looked hot!  The dress really flattered her shape with the capped sleeve balancing out her bottom, and the bug necklace gave the outfit that extra POW!

The necklace is Freedom at Topshop and is £25 (Grazia got the price wrong).  I hope you agree with me and Grazia that it is rather special! 

The dinner was yummy but, if I am honest, I would not return to the restaurant, as I felt rushed by the waiters.  I hate it when restaurants turn tables, but i hate it even more when they make you aware that they are doing so!  We were rushed to the table, only offered an aperitif as an after though, some of the plates were removed from the table before we had all finished eating and we were given our coffee at the same time as our deserts!  It is a real shame as the food was really tasty, but when you experience service like that it puts a real dampener on the place.


  1. Ah great choice and yes Le Caprice is my favourite place but the table turning is a piece of work!

  2. Don't forget the brogues!!! ;-) xoxo

  3. You all looked extremely glamorous - a beautifully well groomed family xx

  4. I really want that necklace since seeing it in Grazia, how a long ago did u get it, do you think I might still have a chance in tracking one down?

  5. You all looked fab! Happy belated Birthday!

  6. 睇完之後覺得有d頓悟..感謝大大分享..˙ 3˙............................................................

  7. Cas, they still have them in Selfridges and in flagship and on line! It is a fab necklace and vikihalo is reminding me about the brogue baby's which i wrote about and then purchased and have now been used in the Office campaign! Yay for us!

  8. Thanks, managed to get on in Topshop Liverpool today, yipeeeeeee! it goes really well with my all saints scarab ring...http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=8836625

    thanks for your help!

  9. If you EVER want to sell that necklace, contact me imediately please!!!!
    I have been chasing down this necklace for more than 6 MONTHS! And now I just found out that there is only ONE left in THE WHOLE WORLD, in any Topshop store or online, and it wont come back D:
    So if you ever want to sell this, will you please contact me on tykke_tilde@hotmail.com or on my blog thefashionfrog.blogspot.com!
    I meen this! please remember this ;D
    I love the necklace, but I must say, it looks good on you<3


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