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Monday, 28 June 2010

My OH so stylish friends...

Having a little spare time on my hands this morning, meant time to catch up on facebook photo stalking!  Come on we all do it!  Mine wasn't really stalking as the pics in question were of my oh so stylish friend Vicky.
I spotted a picture of her at Ascot and she looked fabulous, which she always does.  Sometimes I think she should work as a stylist or fashionista too as her wardrobe bulges with covetable high street buys that only Vicky with her dedication to always looking good could find!  She surfs the net, the catalogues and the shops and always looks fab so I thought I would share some of my favourite pics of her and over the next few months my other stylish friends with all of you.

This is the picture that gave me the idea for the post...  I think Vicky looks chic and i have already told her that i want to borrow the dress!

This is Vicky with me and my best friend Katy, another very chic lady..  The reason we look so shiny is because we were at Floridita for my big sis's 30th birthday, dancing salsa and the air con was not working!  I love the vibrancy of the belt with this dress and the shape is really flattering for her figure!
Everyone loves a maxi and Vicky has quite a few.  This is a pic stolen from a facebook stalking moment of Vicky on a day in the park with her friends kiddy's and still managed to look chic in the heat!
The most memorable fashion moment I have of Vicky is of her on her wedding day.  She looked stunning, the dress hugged her figure and the little touches like the Christian Laboutin shoes and the red lips made her look every inch the sexy bride!  Her wedding also featured on the wedding blog site rock my wedding so you can see just how stylish this lady really is!
I am sure you will all agree that this lady is uber chic and well worthy of being named my Oh so stylish friend!


  1. That's meeeeeeeee!!!!! Whoop whoop - fame in the blogosphere!!! :-)

    I heart you Claire Bear!


  2. 生存乃是不斷地在內心與靈魂交戰;寫作是坐著審判自己。....................................................................

  3. I love the fifties style dress and those wedding photos are simply gorgeous! I was thinking of interviewing some of my friends about their shoe habits to share via my blog, I think I'd better dig out my dictophone!


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