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Friday, 24 December 2010

Capsule Christmas Wardrobe

OK it is time for me to pack up my presents and decamp to my Parents for the Christmas weekend.  But looking into my wardrobe I found that nothing was inspiring me for the festive frolics.  So I popped on my coat, hat and gloves and ventured across Waterloo bridge and into Covent Garden for some Christmas wardrobe shopping!

My first and actually my only stop was Oasis, I have not been in there for a while but needing some new jeggings I was inspired to take a look despite its shocking layout since its refurb!  Low and behold I managed to get everything a girl could need for the festive weekend!  So here is my Capsule Christmas Wardrobe 75% of which is made up of the Oasis purchases.

This everything ready for packing except shoes!  I have kept everything in the same colour pallet which makes mixing and matching a little bit easier.  I usually really mix up the colours and the accessories but these outfits are really versatile so I stuck with quite a dark selection that can be jazzed up easily.
Outfit 1:  The party outfit
This dress is a great party look and takes little to no thinking about, the embellishment on the neckline means that accessories can be kept top a minimum and the make-up and hair can be your wow factor!

I have packed these purple tights (but you could opt for red), Silver heels from Reiss, Coast earrings and a silver cocktail ring.

 Outfit 2: Christmas Day
I always want to look glam on Christmas day but I also want something that I can move around in and that looks good start to finish.  Traditionally I have opted for a dress but this year I am going for black jeggings and Print shirt from Oasis, waistcoat from Ted Baker and the shoes in the above look (I will swap them for knee highs if we venture out)
To accessorise I am wearing my Lucy Hutching earrings and my Dorothy Perkins ring and my make-up will be plum and metallic based!  You could swap the jeggings for leather trousers if you have the legs!

 Outfit 3: Boxing Day Drinks
I will be using the Jeggings from look 2 and teaming them with this floaty top from Oasis but it could be put with leather trousers or a pencil if you have room for an extra item!  I opted for this as it will probably cover the over eating of Christmas day!
 I am wearing these fab gold and black earrings and my black cocktail ring for this look.  I will also opt for red lips and a hair up for this outfit to make it a little more glam.
I will also be taking my knee high boots to wear with outfit 3, but they work with all of the outfit choices.

I will be taking my 2 Christmas nail varnishes just in case I get a chip...  I start with the lighter and then pop on the darker colour for the last few days!

Outfit 4: Spare
For casual I am taking this fab M&S jumper dress and some black leggings just in case there are any spillages!

So know that I am packed it is time to head back to snowy Essex and pop open some champers!



  1. Yay!!!! Back in the hood! :-)

    My outfits start off sparkly and festive but quickly degenerate in to a mess of novelty Christmas accessories and then I give up and stay in my pyjamas!!!

    Can't wait to catch up!! Xoxo

  2. Wow I love your capsule wardrobe, might have to print this post off and keep for inspiration! Have a lovely Christmas! xx


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