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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year.

I am finally back after an extended seasonal break and ready and raring to go.  I have re-organised the office to make room for my shiny new computer, booked in to boot camp to shift the Christmas weight, booked flights to Chicago and NYC for the wedding of the year followed by romantic city break with shopping!

Things still left on the list...

  • Buy a new kettle (ours is dead as a dodo)
  • Buy printer trolley for office
  • RE-arrange lounge ready for new coffee table 
  • Thank Andy and Hazel for the donation of new coffee table
  • Convince Rich that February is the month for re-decorating
  • Make loads of money to pay for re-decoration 

As you may have noticed one of my many new years resolutions is to be more organised and get things done!!!  2010 was the year of the list and the list seemed to get longer rather than shorter so this year I am going to keep the lists short and achievable.  I have an aspirations board for long term goals like BAFTA nominations and world domination, but on a weekly basis I will endeavour to complete my weekly tasks.

Fingers crossed I can stick to it!!


  1. Don't bank on that romantic city break.....I'm coming to join you....... Hahahahahaha! Xx

  2. happy new year claire! hope its a great one for you and i hope i get to see you in it soon. loving the holidays you have booked, mega jealous :) hehe xxxx

  3. Happy New Year am already envious of new computer!!


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