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Thursday, 20 January 2011

I got Outnet Mail

This morning an email from Outnet - Just In sprung into my inbox spreading a little bit of joy into my current world of Tax return boredom!  
I am checking Outnet regularly for possible outfit options for the many weddings that are happening this year.  One black tie, one seaside chic and a good old fashioned traditional English so I will be needing 3 spectacular outfits and if I find a few little extra gems along the way then all the better!
Today's find sadly fell under the gem selection and annoyingly out of my size range but I thought I would share them with you anyway.

First was this lush tangerine Alberta Ferretti dress which has a massive saving of £908 off the original price.  Tangerine is going to be massive this Spring Summer and as the Victoria Beckham option is out of my budget this looked like a great stand in especially if I could get my hands on some fab turquoise beads to wear it with.

Then I saw this cute Anglomania Cotton dress that would look adorable with a floral print wedge and a over sized sunhat.  But alas they had none in my size and then they sold out!

These shoes would have been mine (especially with £375 off the price) if I was a dainty 38 rather than a slab of meat 39 shoe size.  I love Charlotte Olympia shoes and I am going to keep my beady eyes out for another bargain pair...


  1. I have the same problem with the outnet, so only search by size, that way I don't get upset by what I am missing out on!

  2. Those would have been perfect for your wedding events, good luck with your continued search!


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