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Monday, 10 January 2011

Full of Trepidation..

On Friday I will be heading off to my first ever fitness bootcamp with a company called R4Reach and I am absolutely dreading it!  It is not that I don't want to get fit but more that I am terrified of the pain that I will be put through for 3 solid days.  I am also one of those girls who gets 'hangry', a term created by my boyfriend to describe how I get when I am not fed (hungry and angry).
This is an image by Tarelkin on ubersuper and is the best visual I can find to show what Hangry is...

When I am in this Hangry zone I am not myself and have been none to growl until food is presented or lash out if it is not, So you can understand that I am concerned for the well being of the trainers on this bootcamp as they will not only be the ones torturing me physically but they will also be the ones dictating the food!!

So in the run up to the newly named Torture Camp I am finding lots of things to take up my mind.  The first is choosing a wallpaper for my bedroom which the boyfriend has agreed to paint while I am on T camp a task that is proving harder than anticipated due to his polar opposite taste in wall coverings.

The 2nd is my favourite type of past time...  SHOPPING it maybe shopping for sportswear but it is still shopping. I figure if i am going to be tortured and starved  I may as well look fabulous whilst doing it!  So here are some of the outfits I am currently thinking about:

They are all from Sweaty Betty because it is a sports brand that allows for huge boobs and curves and If I can find the money I will be purchasing this outfit:

Reversible Flex Vest top its £50 and the bonus of this is.... it's reversible and figure flattering.

I would layer the Vest over the top of this Run Performance LS Tee so that I am reasonably warm whilst the torture takes place, it is £55.

I would then team this with slightly flared OM or Groove pants £55, as they are more flattering on the thigh and tummy than a straight leg sports pant.

I am not going until Friday but wish me luck on Torture Camp people....

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