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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Party

As promised if not a little late.. some pics of the stylists on the Christmas Party!

Fellow blogger and colleague MakeDoStyle got ready at casa Waceystyle as she was due a pre Christmas hair cut. So we have some fab before pics of MDS and I then a great one of the NHJ Style team at Adam Street after one too many glasses of Vino.

This pic is post hair cut and pre party, MDS is modelling the latest in hair accessories and control underwear which in this case are being used to keep up a pair of Topshop leather trousers!

This is post underwear pre final hair!

Me pre shower, hair, make-up and control undies!!!!!
MDS the final hairstyle.....
MDS in her cameo role as Mary of Nazareth about to get on her donkey (also known as her cab) to the CChristmas party.

 A lovely selection of pics from the entire NHJ gang looking very glam.  Annoyingly I forgot to get a full pic of my outfit but it was a dress from Joseph and some uber high heels from Carvella!

I also had my annual Christmas party with the boyf and seeing as there is no full pic of my NHJ party outfit here is my outfit from my other Christmas party.  I opted for my Topshop dress, purple tights and my uber high carvella heels.
I then popped on these fab earrings from Coast that I got for £9 bargain!!

After seeing this pic of my sister and I, I decided to remove the Carvella shoes for fear that I looked like a giant!

For more festive blogs check out my Capsule Christmas wardrobe tomorrow!!


  1. awwww, looking hot Wacey Style. Gutted the snow ruined my plans!!! :-(

  2. What fun great post and how mad are we!! xx


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