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Monday, 13 December 2010

Deck the Halls

On Friday night the boyfriend and I popped open a bottle of Champagne,  put on some Christmas tunes and began to decorate the house.  Being a stylist I am obsessed with making things look just so, but this year I let the Boyfriend take on more responsibility than just pouring drinks and the finished house is a dream!!

In fact the decorated tree was the only thing that managed to get me out of bed on Sunday morning...  Yes the hangover from hell hit me hard but with the promise of a bacon sandwich and the pretty Christmas tree lights being switched on I dragged myself from the bed to the sofa, where I stayed for almost the entire day commenting on how beautiful my tree looked!

So here are some pics of my festive abode:

This Garland was made by my Mum and I think it is a great welcome home on a cold Christmas eve, it also sets the tone for the colour scheme in the hall.
The Hall garland was assembled by the boyfriend, with a very few minor tweaks from me at the end.  We carried the red and cinnamon theme from the door garland and introduced gold that we then continue in the Lounge (just realised I sound like a mad women who has themes.. and yes I am!) Anyway I think the boy done good!

The sideboard in the dinning room with the red and gold theme is less exciting and I am thinking of adding something to perk it up a little.

Then my lovely tree, decorated in different golds, with splashed of purple and pink to make it more fun!  I love my tree and every year I get just excited about unwrapping my favourite baubles that I have spent a fortune on over the last 6 years!  It is also a bit of a wopper and we had to re arrange the entire lounge to fit it in!

The boyfriend decided to create a icicle doorway with all the decorations that I deemed unfit for the tree or stairs..  I am not massively keen on this but I knew he expected me to tell him to take it down and as I was a few glasses of champagne in at this point I decided it could stay!
Then we have the door of lights in the kitchen, which actually look quite boring in day light but by night the stars glow and when we have our Christmas party they look cool with our glowing cocktail fountain!!  So kitsch but I love it..

I hope you are all feeling equally festive, if your not then check out my Christmas party looks blog later this week as it might get you in the Christmas spirit. x


  1. Its really pretty, I love the garland going up the stairs! xx


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