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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Blogger seeks new computer!

Huge apologies its has been over a week since my last post, this is because my DELL laptop is playing up massively and it has taken everything in my being to prevent me from throwing it out the window and letting it freeze to death under a snowman.  The only reason I have refrained from doing this is because my card is currently being rejected in even Primark and that is really saying something!!

It is fair to say that the realities of being a freelancer and approaching Christmas is currently stinging more than just a little.  So if the big ass companies could shell out the money they have now owed me for 3 months I would be eternally grateful as having to re-boot your computer in between each email is getting more than just a little tiresome....  Not to mention the horrifying reality that a new shiny Mac 5 keeps creeping into my dreams more often than a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels, or a VB dress and if this is not proof that the relationship between me and my DELL is really at crisis point, I don't know what is!

Fear not though the very clever computer whizz also known as the boyfriend has given the Dell a temporary fix.  So I have apologised for threatening death by window/snow and have agreed to hold out until the new year when a shiny new I-Mac will take its place and the Dell will meet a much more satisfying end.... death by sledge hammer.  So bring on 2011 so I can welcome back these little beauties to my restful nights sleep!


  1. Hahahaha - the sledge hammer moment will be very satisfying!

  2. Omg those shoes are just amazing

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    Take care x



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