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Monday, 22 November 2010


We all need them once in a while and today I need one in a big way....

My weekend was filled with so much excitement and fun that it is difficult to need to rant but my Sunday was frustrating and clumsy and I hope that by venting my terrible day I will get rid of whatever malevolent cloud it was that seemed to follow me around yesterday!

Soooooo  here goes!

Firstly, my best buddy cancelled our day trip to Bluewater, this was no biggy but what it meant was that I ventured there alone!  I know what your thinking .. I spent money I did not have and now regret it..  WRONG!  It took me 20mins to get to the shopping Mecca and then 30 minutes trying to find a space!  Yes I said 30 minutes of driving in and out and up and down various car parks only to be greeted by other shoppers driving in aggressive manners stalking other shoppers who had bags back to their cars!  I felt I was above this option and instead drove in and out a total of 4 car parks before actually finding a spot!
I then ventured inside the shopping centre only to be run over 4 times by various buggy's and in fact fall over not once but twice in House of Fraser!  This however did not perterb me I went to H&M and did the shopping that I needed to do well about 1/3rd of the shopping I needed but hey!

I then venture home and begin to put some tester colours on our bedroom wall (we are thinking about re-decorating)  All of the colours are disgusting and it was a total waist of time so i decide to take the testers out to our shed!  But on route I drop them and my Uggs, Sweaty Betty trackys and my car wheel now resemble a Jackson Pollock painting.  Defeated I retreat to the comfort of my basement to snuggle up with a glass of vino and a hobnob to watch Strictly and X Factor results....

What a travesty that was, rather than cheering me up, my eyes and ears where offended by the reality that the big bird impersonator is going to be returning to my screens once again.  This means that next Saturday I will be glued to the TV with morbid curiosity, just so I can see what terrible outfit they come up with to top the BIG BIRD look of this week!

Then I switch to X Factor hoping that tonight will be the night that we finally see the back of Wagner and his talk singing and hideous style but instead Paije who I thought was a real cutey is out!  
Outraged and hormonal I ask could this day get any worse! 
Then like the answer to my prayers the aromas of cooked apple pie waft down the stairs from the oven.
Suddenly the Jackson Pollock uggs seem bang on trend, the fall in House of Fraser earlier feels like it could have popped my back in rather than out, the drive round the car parks gave my car good turn over!  I smile, I relax, I take the pie from the oven in an excited frenzy and..  it drops from my hands and lands upside down SPLATTERED all over the clean kitchen floor!

I hate full moons.  RANT OVER!


  1. Opps! xx Big Bird has to go but I think Wagner might win!

  2. Oh no! What a disaster! I hate Bbluewater when it's busy, and also people with buggies who don't seem to realise they are taking up sooo much space and their kids really don't want to be shopping which is why they are screaming!

    Hope your week's been looking up since then!


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