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Friday, 10 December 2010

I wanna be on the cover of Reveal magazine... Oh I am!

OK so it is not Forbes magazine but it is my 2nd cover of the year!  Yes Waceystyle is front cover and not at all sure if she is loving it yet!

My first dalliance onto a cover was earlier this year when I was on the cover of The Wharf, it was very weird seeing my pic next to Nicola Roberts from Girls aloud especially as we have the exact same colour hair.  I promised my self after seeing that picture to always wear lipstick when being photographed!  3 months on and I am on the cover of Reveal.... with red lips bouffant hair and as my sister described it... a face like a smacked you know what!!  So it is clear that I have still not quite got the hang of being photographed.  Its hard to see me but I am the girl in the purple dress bottom right.

I think it is safe to say that behind the camera is where I am really best placed, despite the copious series of BNTM and ANTM that I have watched over the years I have little to no modelling skills unless I have had a few glasses of wine and then my smize is actually quite good, but my smiling is well less sucessful.

This is the three page spread called 'Goks ultimate party makeovers'.  I would be really interested to know peoples thoughts on the looks and to know what peoples views are on my outfit.  As it is so far removed from the sort of thing I would usually go for that I can't quite decide if I like it or hate it.

The intention with the look was a Madmen inspired look, because of my red hair and curves, but I feel that the cut and fit of the dress make me look in my 30's rather than my 20's and about 2 sizes bigger than the size 12 that I am!

If I could style myself in any of the above outfits I think I would have opted for the last look which is a play suit from ASOS to which I would have put the statement earrings that I am wearing from Freedom and the Dorothy Perkin's ring as seen in the red jumpsuit look.

I don't want to sound like an ungrateful recipient of a makeover and want to thank Reveal for inviting me to model.  The day was great fun and I loved the first outfit that they put me in (which unfortunately did not make it to press).  I don't dislike the purple dress at all I just felt that the fit was not as flattering as it could be with a theme like Madmen.

I would love to know your thoughts!


  1. You are gorgeous first of all, and secondly Gok is a pretty bad stylist. I think he gets lost when having to style any one who isnt a 55 year old house wife. I dont think any of the outfits are all that good. The dress is pretty but I think it is the cheap quality fabric thats the problem. Yeah the jumpsuit is the best look I agree. I really love your 'before' outfit as you can see you know your shape and your own style. Dont worry though you look wonderful and hey you are on the front cover ;-)

  2. Hi I wish I could look as good in photos as you do! I do agree that if they were going with a Mad Men theme that they really could have gone to town on a fab cocktail dress inspired by the era Mad Men is filmed in. You've a fantastic figure that Chritina Hendricks so its a pity they didn't get inspired by some of the red carpet looks she's been achieving. I think you should do another before and after post on what you would have chosen!
    PS I love your 'before' look, those boots are fab!

  3. Darling you look fabulous and you know my thoughts on Gok! You do not look like a chunky monkey and purple is a wow on you. But you could have done a better job Ms.Stylist xxx

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments!! I will do pics of the stylista's christmas looks, after the Thursday Christmas party! x


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