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Friday, 9 July 2010

Hello Lover

Back in May, MakeDoStyle asked me to choose my Hello Lover shoes, it is an award created by Fortynotout and I have finally gotten around to photographing my favourite 7 pairs of shoes.

I have loved doing this award as it has made me look at my shoes and realise that I really need some new ones as all of mine are so loved and worn that they look a little on the shabby side. YAY shoe shopping here I come.x

So here are my top 7 (well 8 as I had to mention my all time favourites)

The Carvela cuties, I bought these last season as I loved the colour and have intentions of wearing them next season with different coloured ribbons (red or yellow me thinks)

These beauties are this season from Zara, they were way over my budget but I fell in love and had just got a new am ex the day before so I had to check it was working.  I still love these baby's but truth be told they are the most uncomfortable shoes in history!  I wore them to a school workshop and had no sensation in my left foot by the end of it!
Another pair of Carvela's, these were bought when I was having a CHICAGO moment.  Not as in the windy city but in the Lace, Lycra and all that Jazz way!  I had just bought a lacy dress very on trend for AW08 and thought these would top off the look.
I have 4 pairs of this shoe 3 in black and these.  Yes it seems a little excessive but these Office shoes are the most comfortable EVER!  These cream ones I got in the Sale for £12 and they are great for that summer wedding.
Reiss make fab shoes, a little on the pricey at £149 but they do look great.  I bought these for my friend Tori's wedding to wear with my Betsy Johnson dress and a pink cummerbund.  They did not cripple my feet and they have seen many a night out since.
The same dress made an outing to another friends wedding so I bought these KG shoes to clash beautifully with my electric blue dress.  These have since become my go-to shoes for dressing up a pair of jeans!
Then I have my all time favourite shoes.  They are from Topshop and I bought them the Summer of 2008.  As you can see they are well worn and on their last legs but I really love them and am gutted that it is almost time to part ways!  I am going to try and clean them up with some cream shoe polish but have bought the KG shoes below in the sale as a possible replacement!


  1. Great shoes, I love the KG pink shoes and I love love your latest KG aquisition!

  2. Those white ones - you are SO right! I have them in electric blue! Wish they still did them!

    Loving those pinkies.... OBViously! :-)

  3. Ah such a splendid high heel display and I might shed a tear when the Topshop ones pass on.

  4. 在你一無所有的時候 是誰在陪伴你 他便是你最重要的人............................................................


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