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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

eattery's NYC part 2

So first port of call on our 2nd morning in NYC was the Magnolia Bakery (on columbus not the  bleeker street one).  Its known for its delicious iced cupcakes, but I had the raspberry crumb muffin and it was heavenly!

My sister looked as cute as a cupcake that day so I had to take a picture of her...

Lunch... after an hour of walking and 2 hours rowing was at The Boathouse (hence the rowing).  I have wanted to go here ever since seeing the film '27 dresses' and I was so glad that we got in for lunch (we waited for about 2 and a half hours) but it was well worth the wait..

This is the view of the Boathouse from the lake..

The view of the lake from inside, If i lived in New York and was having a summer wedding, I would want it here!

Not only was the setting, the view and the weather amazing, the food and drink that we consumed was fabulous.. 2 of my favourite things were on the menu Sancerre and Lobster, so we drank beautiful wine and ate beautiful food..

As you can imagine after all that food at lunch we skipped dinner and headed straight out on the town to A60 the roof bar at the 60 Thompson Street Hotel, it was lovely sitting on the roof and the drinks were nice but it was a little on the cold side..

Had to include this picture to show that the Miu Miu's made it to NYC with me.

From there we headed to the Meat Packing District and I will be honest it is all a bit of a Gin and Tonic blur from that point on!  But i do remember getting Pizza at 4am and thinking it was delicious.

You would think that after all of that food and partying that we would be sick of eating out, well you would be wrong on the last night after a final day of sight seeing and shopping we ventured to Chelsea and found the cutest restaurant on 10th Avenue called Red Cat.  It had a great interior and is one of those restaurant's that had real atmosphere and the all important glow (good lighting).  We drank a delicious bottle of Albarino and munched on soft shell crab followed by apple beignets which were heavenly.  I would highly recommend a visit for the atmosphere if you just want a drink at the bar but promise me you will try the beignets trust me...

Unfortunately now I am back in the real world and pounding my body at the gym to make up for the indulgence, but It was so worth it and Mrs MDS is my diet inspiration.

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time and I'm glad the Miu Mius made the trip too! xx


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