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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Fantastic Furs

As the weather has turned cold i have been looking at there ever present Faux Fur trend to find that perfect snugly coat option and I have finally found the perfect coat from Miss Selfridge.  It was £89 and since trying it a few weeks ago none have quite felt as cosy as this one!

If you want something shorter and a little retro I would highly recommend this Faux fur from Ted Baker, it is £199  and will work really well through the party season!

Or try this Coast one for a more glam look, it is £250 and a classic shape and will stand the test of time.  Not to mention looking fab whilst walking down Bond Street under the Christmas lights with a Tiffany's bag in hand!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the Ted Baker one. I think I NEED it! They have an online deal today.... Hmmmmm!


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