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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Burberry Burberry, Burberry LOVE

I am in Love with so many of the Burberry Trench's and jackets at the moment, that I am slightly fearful of how much I will be spending this Autumn Winter.

Take a look at this advert and you will see why I am falling head over heels for the collection.  Which as always has the perfect mix of modern and heritage in the silhouettes, and the contrast of fabrics makes it great for both an edgy city or chic country look.

This leather and Tweed combo is the perfect update to the leather jacket.  I also think it will create a stronger look when you wear it with more leather which we will be wearing a lot of this winter!  At £495 it doesn't come cheap but it is not completely unreasonable either!

Then there is this STUNNING jacket which has a peplum detail and the classic Burberry shoulder on it.  What girl would not want this in her wardrobe, if Kate Middleton's stylist is reading this blog you need to get her one of these ASAP!  As for me  I am keeping my fingers crossed that Zara do a copy as the £1395 price tag is out of my league.

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