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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas..

It has been a busy few months leading up to Christmas for CW-Style so I have to apologise for the lack of posts and for not giving my Christmas list special as I usually do..  So here is a little gift guide for anyone who is still struggling....

Guys love gadget's and although I would rather be buying the man folk lots of fabulous Christmas print cardigans, tweed blazers and pastel chino's instead I am sticking to the Gadget accessories all from one destination TED BAKER!

First is a digital book cover in this fab tweed £39.

Second favourite is again Tweed (it is Christmas after all) This is a laptop case which will make any old laptop look super stylish, £69.

Or if your man likes receiving clothes for Christmas why not get him a wool mix blazer, this one is £275 and looks great with jeans and a shirt or T shirt!

For us Gals we like frivolity and beautiful objects!  So I am starting with jewellery, and I am all about a statement necklace not only on myself but on my clients too!  This Hoss Intropia bib necklace can make any LBD go from Blah to Pow, Its £117 but worth every penny!

Next on the list is Lingerie, we love getting it and you guys hate buying it, so my top tip is.....  Look at the size and style of the bra's she usually wears before going shopping, better still steal one of her bra's an take it with you!  For selection you can't beat Selfridges or a large department store, they will have everyday like this Fantasie set called Savannah £54,  to ooh la la sets from the likes of Mimi Holiday £145.

Have fun shopping, and more importantly..... MERRY CHRISTMAS. x

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