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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Blow Dry Basics

I hope you liked the little BLOW DRY video (sorry about the length... )

This is just a follow up blog to help you with some basic blow-dry info that I have been taught along the way on fashion shoots and shows!

1     Prep your hair

  • Combing from bottom to top to avoid tangles!
  • Towel or part dry hair to speed up the blow dry.
  • Product - whether it is for volume/ smoothing or curls
2    Sectioning your hair
  • Working with clean sections avoids tangles and makes managing your hair a lot easier.
  • Remember my 3 section rule below
  • section 1 - ear and below section
  • section 2 - temple and below
  • section 3 - top of head including fringe.
3    Brush and blow-dryer
  • Choose the right brush for the style you want!
  • Place brush under hair root (create tension for volume)
  • Direct the blow dryer up and under for initial volume in the roots
  • Direct blow dryer down the hair to create smooth un-fuzzy finish.
  • repeat process in each section.
NB - I don't have nozzle on my blow dryer - but it will work the same with the nozzle on (it is just me personal preference)

4    Moving through the sections.
  • I divided section 1 and 2, into 3 smaller sections across the head.
  • when you reach the top section (3) use this diagram as a guide for sub-dividing.

5    Added volume tricks.
  • I created roller sections on the back and top to help with volume - using a hair clip and spray.
  • A velcro roller will do the same if you are unable to twist your own hair.

6    The Fringe.
  • I wear my fringe flicked out and to the side, but the tops will work on other side fringes.
  • It is important to ensure you blow-dry your fringe forward first (this prevents cows licks etc)
  • I recommend blow-drying hair the opposite way to the way you want it styled first as this gifts it lift.
  • For fringes that go under move the brush to under the hair as opposed to over (like the video)

Check back tomorrow for my Hair Product guide!!

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