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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Edible Fashion - Anyone?

Don't panic I am not talking edible undies...  I am talking adorable  hand iced biscuits!!

As you may remember my big Sis turned 30 in February and as well as buying her a keep-sake I decided to buy her a gift that we could do together.. 3 months later and we are now knowledgeable in the art of cookie decorating!

On Sunday we attended the Fashiontastic cookie course at The Make Lounge in Islington and It was cookietastic!  There were 10 of us in the class all with different levels of decorating knowledge.  The girls sat next to big sis and I were a real giggle and had as much of an obsession with edible glitter and baubles as we did! The teacher Danya Eltchelebi who also runs BIX & PIECES was very patient and helped me more than once try and correct my yellow Tea Dress design.

Big Sis was able to pose and decorate...

I was un-able to pose and decorate..  It was hard!

Check out my cookies....
Dirty Martini anyone?

The newest Tom Ford Sparkle Lipstick!
Yellow tea dress with Lucy Hutchings necklace!
My very own Christian Laboutin.
Chanel/Miu Miu inspired clutch.
The ever so edible engagement ring!

Big Sis's cookies
Flower power Lulu Guinness clutch
You've been Tangoed ball gown!
Anyone for a Cosmopolitan!
Studded shoe and the engagement pineapple
Coral Twist lipstick (perfect with nudes!)

They look great don't they?!  I especially love my sisters ring which she turned into a pineapple!

I highly recommend attending any of the courses at The Make Lounge ... especially the cookie decorating.  My next course will probably be the Cupcake Decorating but I will need to attend the ym to work off the cookies first...  I only have 3 left!


  1. Ha great present and save one for me!!

  2. not sure that they will last until thursday!

  3. The cookies look fabulous, hope they tasted as good as they looked!


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