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Friday, 7 May 2010

Everyone loves a winner..

I am not just talking the lottery, although this evening's 67million jackpot would not go a miss!

But winning and getting a little bit of something for nothing always makes me walk a little bit lighter on my feet.

Why is she wittering on about winning I hear you cry! Well you may or may not remember that at the beginning of the year CW-Style held a competition to win a free 3 hour shopping trip and £50's worth of John Lewis Vouchers to spend on the trip. Well the lucky winner was Kat Skidmore a gorgeous gal from Kent and today was her PRIZE DAY!

The shop was a great success, she had saved some cash to add to her voucher winnings and we shopped until we dropped in Pret a Manger for a well earned sarnie!

Kat had said that she lacked a summer wardrobe and seemed to only have trousers and skirts and very few tops. So I concentrated my attention on getting her some summer tops and dresses that would instantly lift her wardrobe..

Here is a picture of an exhausted Kat with her purchases...

We stuck to 3 shops as we only had a small amount of time.. and we also fitted in a bra fitting!!

From H&M Kat got..

  • 1 summer work dress

  • 2 casual summer dresses a safari style and a print dress

  • 2 Summery tops in vibrant pink

From Selfridges.

  • Oasis puff sleeve top in vibrant blue

  • Karen Millen T-shirt with embroidery detail
From John Lewis:

  • 2 fab bras

  • 2 great coast tops a pale blue and a black and white print.

It is amazing how many different outfits she can create with her existing wardrobe by adding these purchases and we stuck with in her budget!
Here is a picture of Kat with her favourite item:


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.. x


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