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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dress me for the wedding..

Yes Wedding Season is soon to be here and I have 3 so far in the calendar so finding that perfect outfit is in the back of my head every time I surf the net or go shopping.  But being a stylist I don't want to run the risk of wearing something from the high street and then turn up and see someone else in the same outfit!!!!  That would just be an absolute fashion nightmare so I end up spending a small fortune on outfits to ensure this never happens..

I have shipped Betsey Johnson dresses from the US for that perfect wedding look and in fact have 3 that have done the rounds in various combos, adding bespoke cummerbunds or adapted silk shirts into jackets for the perfect 50's silhouette.  But this year I want to do less sewing (I need to make new curtains my priority)

The first Betsey dress which I have worn to 2 weddings and a party.

The 2nd Betsey dress..

The pink cummerbund I used as belt. 

The Coast shirt I adapted into a Jacket

The other Betsey is in the wardrobe being saved for a party on the 2nd which is Mad Men themed!!  (I will of course blog images.)

So let me introduce you to..  (drum role please)  Suzannah, the dresses are to die for and the price tags mean that I am going to be working like a dog to afford them but I think they may just be worth it.

First on my wish list is this gorgeous One Shoulder Tulip Dress £650, The colour is so vibrant and the cut is perfect.  Just think of the colour clash shoes I could do with it too!!  This will be great for the black tie wedding in Chicago.

Then 2nd is this adorable Bat Heart fifties Amy Dress £365 which will work a dream for the traditional English wedding in the summer and maybe for various parties throughout the year!


  1. Oh yes love that second Suzannah dress xx

  2. Oooh love those dresses.. I don't blame you at all to work hard to save for them. Every time I feel my eyes close at the computer I just utter the words Michael Kors and BAMM I'm awake again! Loved your style piece on the Isabella Oliver blog - I could seriously buy that whole SS11 collection! x

  3. Beautiful dresses, I checked the website and love the vintage rose tea dress, definitely worth saving up for! xx

  4. I know i think i am going to have to start filling up the piggy bank!


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