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Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Stork has been...

Over the last few weeks, 4 fab friends have had little bundles of joy so this is a little post for (in order of arrival) William, Freya, Olivia and Scarlett.

The exciting thing about these new little bundles of joy is that I now have a valid excuse to spend hours in Mammas and Papas cuddling the teddy's and looking at little all in ones for potential gifting ideas, so here are some of my favourites!

The Mamma's and Papas Whirligig dream bag (£32) it is adorable and oh so soft.

The little matching teddy (£20) I just love this range as it is not sex specific and is quirky!

Then we have adorable Ewan the Dream sheep (£28.99) that helps baby's sleep!  (Ruth I will get you one for when I come round next to help save your electricity bill and your hairdryer).  He Plays the sound of a baby's heartbeat and the womb or little songs and he glows in the dark!  I Love Ewan!

I can't wait for my next cuddles


  1. Andy & Hazel24 March 2011 at 14:23

    Freya loves Ewan!!!

  2. SO cute! LOVE the second one, babies are so cute! Shopping for them is so much fun! x


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