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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kristian Aadnevik

Kristian's show was at the beautiful Athenaeum club on Pall Mall, I arrived for the champagne reception only to find there was no champers left (gutted as it was the tonic I needed at 9.30pm to get me through the next few hours).  We were then lead up the grand staircase to the long library with book lined walls and large glittering chandeliers.  

The show had religious undertones not only with the choice of sound track, choral chanting that made the garments more spiritual or otherworldly but then mixed with more heavy rock music to create the illusion of the Fallen Angels or mythical creatures with a darker side.

The colour pallet of the collection stayed with whites and nudes with touches of metallic and the black of the printed chiffon's but over all at a light weightless feel.  The textures are always the highlight of Aadnevik's shows and this collection did not disappoint, with beautiful printed chiffon juxtaposed to sequin trousers or chiffon dresses with chain mail overlays. 

However I found his use of feathers in this collection less than disappointing, he usually has 2 or 3 show stopping feather dresses that are perfect for clients on the Red carpet but the positioning of the feathers on this collection felt like giant sporrans that looked like feather shapes of womb's.  I am not sure if any of my clients would want that part of their bodies highlighted!  

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